June 22, 2018

Woven Angel Fish Craft

June 18, 2018 Helen 0

This gorgeous Woven Angel Fish Craft is perfect helping little hands master the process of weaving. The handling and motion of weaving in and out of the fish, is great for fine motor skills and […]

Handprint Shell Keepsake

June 3, 2018 Helen 0

Children love to collect and whether it’s the woods, a field filled with daisies or beach, they will endeavor to fill their tiny hands with as many natural treasures as feasibly possible. Our recent trip to […]

Easy Woven Fish Craft

May 18, 2018 Helen 0

This delightful Easy Woven Fish Craft is perfect for little hands. The weaving process is great for building on fine motor skills and the results are rather pretty too! A tactile craft that can be personalised […]

Woven Paper Butterfly Craft

May 9, 2018 Helen 0

Our beautiful Woven Paper Butterfly Craft is perfect for children who are developing and improving  their fine motor skills. With a focus on painting, cutting and weaving, this craft offers a complete fine motor workout! […]

Woven CD Hot Air Balloon

June 26, 2017 Hels Bells 2

CD weaving is a new process for us and we’re in LOVE. It’s easy, relaxing and produces beautiful results, that have so far inpsired funky CD Snails and now a Woven CD Hot Air Balloon. […]

Interactive Paper Plate Sailboat

June 22, 2017 Hels Bells 1

My kids love interactive crafts and we’ve just added a super fun Summer themed Interactive Paper Plate Sailboat to our growing repertoire. Kids will be unable to resist the lure of singing ‘Row Row Row […]

Paper Plate Watermelon Book Bag

May 21, 2017 Hels Bells 0

Ahead of every Summer we spend more time than usual browsing the shelves of our local book store, looking for inspiration for the all important Summer reading list. We all have one and there’s nothing […]