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Paper Sunflower Collage Art

To recreate this beautiful Paper Sunflower Collage Art Project, you will need some brightly colored paper, glue and our printable sunflower template.

Sunflowers have to be one of the happiest looking flowers! It’s amazing to see how tall they can grow and they are very easy to nurture and look after too! If you’re looking for a way to bring some sunny sunflower joy into your children’s art and craft sessions, then why not give our sunflower art idea ago.

Paper Sunflower Collage Art: Use this fab template to create your own bright, bold sunflower collage, the perfect decor to brighten any room!

Our sunflower template is bold and clear in design, and is perfect for a variety of different sunflower themed arts and crafts. Children may prefer to use the template for practicing their shading either with colored pencils, crayons or various mediums of paint. However your children choose to approach the project, it will most certainly look beautiful on display and within the classroom, it will be like having a beautiful field of sunflowers on the wall.

Paper Sunflower Collage Art

The process of tearing and sticking offers a fantastic fine motor work out for little hands. This is the perfect craft for young children for both its simplicity and low key materials list.


  • Printable Sunflower template
  • Colored paper
  • Shiny paper (optional)
  • Acrylic Paints (or other coloring medium of choice)
  • Glue stick

Download the Paper Sunflower Collage Art:

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Let’s Make a Paper Sunflower Collage!

Image showing the printable sunflower template, and lots of different colored card.

Gather the Materials and Print the Sunflower Template

Print off the sunflower template onto white card stock. Next, gather some colored paper and glue!

Image showing green card being torn in to small pieces.

Tear the Colored Paper

Tear the colored paper into smaller pieces. Try to vary the shapes for a more interesting finished look.

Image showing glue being applied to the leaf of the sunflower template.

Glue to the Sunflower Template

Use the glue stick to glue pieces of colored paper on to the template. Tackle small areas at a time so the glue doesn’t dry out too quickly.

Image showing a small piece of brown paper being stuck to the centre of the sunflower.

Complete Each Area of the Sunflower

We decided to use three shades of green for the leaves and brown, maroon and black for the seeds in the middle and lots of different shades yellow of yellow from dark to light and orange for the petals!

You could stick to traditional sunflower colors or experiment and come up with your own wild species of sunflower!

Image showing glue being applied to one of the petals of the sunflower, surrounded by bright yellow and orange colored paper pieces.

Vary the Sunflower Colours

Check out some of these beautiful sunflowers for inspiration. The Chianti sunflower is so beautiful and unique!

Image showing the background of the template being painted in a light blue.

Create a Background

Once the finished the sunflower is bursting with brightly colored torn paper, amplify the sunflower with a background color.

Make beautiful sunflower with torn paper and our printable sunflower template. This easy Paper Sunflower Collage Art idea is the perfect art project for kids both big and small.

The Paper Sunflower Collage Art is Complete!

The collage art is now finished! These would all look fantastic as a summer display in a school or even framed as a piece of art for the home!

If you’re looking at ways to expand this project, why not encourage children to draw their own flower collage template. It doesn’t have to be a sunflower, you could try out a rose, or a tulip! If you need some help getting started you could check out our handy Rose or Tulip flow drawings.

We’d love to see the wonderful creations you make so please share them with us on social media!

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