Tissue Paper Sunflower Craft

Whilst we’re sure that children of all ages would enjoy this easy craft for kids, it’s particularly great for preschoolers and young children. The tracing and cutting helps to develop fine motor skills and the different textures make it a really tactile activity. Children can also use the layering of the petals to explore depth and color, as the shades change when they overlap.

What you need

White Cardstock
Tissue Paper ( Green, Orange, Brown, Yellow)
Black Paint
PVA Glue


Easy Tissue Paper Sunflower Craft: Let’s Make it!

Easy Tissue Paper Sunflower Craft: Cut out the Sunflower Elements.

Cut out the Sunflower Elements

Start by carefully cutting out the different sunflower elements from the template.

Trace, Cut and Paint the Center of the Sunflower.

Trace, Cut and Paint

Trace the shape of the large circle onto cardboard and cut that out too. Then paint it black – this will make the center of your sunflower.

Use the petal templates to cut lots of bright orange and yellow tissue paper petals. Then use your other templates to cut a stem and leaf from the green tissue paper.

Draw a Circle in the Center of the White Cardstock.

The Starting Point

Place the sunflower center just above the middle of your white cardstock and trace around it in pencil. This is going to help you know where to stick everything once you start assembling the sunflower.

Add a Stem to the Circle.

Add a Stem

First, stick down your stem – it should grow from the bottom of the page up to roughly the middle of your sunflower center.

Glue the Large Tissue Paper Petals around the Circle.

The Large Petals

Now it’s time to start creating the flower! Using the pencil circle you drew as a guide, stick on a layer of large orange petals all around the outside. Then stick a layer of smaller yellow petals in the gaps between the first.

Add More Petals of the Different Sizes, Layering the Tissue Paper.

Layer the Petals

That already makes a gorgeous flower, but we’re going to keep layering those petals of orange and yellow until we have a huge flower in full bloom.

Add the Center of the Sunflower.

Add the Middle

Once all of your petal layers are in place, stick the black cardboard middle firmly into the center.

Add Srunched up Tissue Paper Balls to the Center of the Sunflower.

Tissue Paper Seeds

Now we’re going to create that familiar sunflower center texture, by screwing up lots of little pieces of brown tissue paper and sticking them onto the black middle. Don’t they look just like little seeds?

The Easy Tissue Paper Sunflower Craft is Complete! Looking for a fun Summer craft to try with your children? check out this glorious and easy sunflower craft for kids!

The Easy Tissue Paper Sunflower Craft is Complete!

Your sunny 3D sunflower is now complete, beautiful!


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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