August 18, 2018

Arty Crafty Kids Club

Arty Crafty Kids
Join the Arty Crafty Kids Club and you will get access to the exclusive online membership area!

ARTspiration Activity Book!
12 page booklet crammed with activities, colouring pages and games.

How To Draw Guides!
Easy follow along drawing guides to learn and have fun.

Bonus Art & Craft Projects!
Extra art & craft projects only available in the members area.

Colouring Pages!
Colouring pages to print and practice colouring in the lines or not!

Plus Interactive FB Group!
Share your arty crafty kids creations online and join in on the fun.

Arty Crafty Kids Subscription Box

Monthly Subscription Box – Lots of Crafts, Lots of Fun, Delivered to your Door!

Choose your first Arty Crafty Box in our shop and then each month you’ll
receive the latest Arty Crafty Box at the beginning of each month!

Get Exclusive Access to Arty Crafty Kids Members Area with every subscription.

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What age children are these for?
The art and craft projects are ideally suited for 3-8 year olds. Each child will enjoy the fun crafts and activities in their own way!

How often will I get my Arty Crafty Box?
The Arty Crafty Box is a monthly subscription service. You will receive the Arty Crafty Box around the same date each month.

Can I download the activity books and colouring pages more than once?
Yes! You can download all of our Arty Crafty Kids Club activity books, colouring pages and other templates as many times as you want!

Are the materials and packaging environmentally friendly?
All the pots and containers we use are made from recyclable cornstarch, which is fully compostable, and the packaging is recycled and compostable. click here for further details. Environmentally conscious and compostable materials and packaging.

There are no contracts or tie-ins, your Arty Crafty Kids Subscription can be cancelled easily and at any time.