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3D Hot Air Balloon Craft

Summer is fast approaching so why not kick start the season with this gorgeous and easy to make 3D Hot Air Balloon Craft for kids. In line with many of our 3D paper crafts, we’ve added an interactive element – a simple pulley system that creates the impression of a hot air balloon floating up and down against a glorious Summers blue sky.

Our hot air balloon templates makes this craft especially easy for children, who will engage their fine motor skills in cutting, tracing, folding and sticking throughout the process of creating their hot air balloons. The pulley system adds another immersive element to the paper craft that gently introduces children into STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) – as children are busily exploring their creativity, they will also be learning!

3D Hot Air Balloon Craft for Kids - An easy to make Hot Balloon Craft that kids will love! Featuring a 3D balloon and a pulley system to make it fly!

What’s not to love about this 3D Hot Air Balloon Craft? with its pulley system and 3D balloon, children’s creativity will soar, so let’s get started!

How to Make a 3D Hot Air Balloon Craft:


  • Blue Card Stock
  • Colored Card Stock
  • Tape
  • String
  • Hole Punch
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Black Marker Pen
Image showing the Hot Air Balloon Template and materials to make the craft.

Download the Hot Air Balloon Template:

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Watch the ‘How to Make a Hot Air Balloon’ Video:

Our video tutorial will guide you through the step-by-step process of how to make the 3D Hot Air Balloon.

Let’s Make a 3D Hot Air Balloon!

Image showing a traced basket with hands using a marker pen to add detail to the basket.

Cut out the Hot Air Balloon Elements and Trace

Start by cutting out the hot air balloon elements from the template and trace the basket onto reddish or brown card stock.

Before cutting out the basket shape, use a black marker pen to add some detail. In this example we simple criss-crossed diagonal lines to add emphasis to the basket.

Image showing the circle element being traced onto colored card stock.

Trace the Circle

Next, trace the circle element onto 5 pieces of colored card stock. They could be different colors or a combination of 2 or all one color – it is entirely up to your Arty Crafty Kids!

Image show five circles folded in half.

Fold the Circles in Half

Once the circles have been traced, cut them out and carefully fold each in half.

Image showing the circle segments being glued on on top of the other to one half of the template.

Layer the Folded Circle Segments

Select one half of the circle template and begin to layer the colored segments, one on top of the other – aligning each as you go.

Image showing a 3D balloon.

Open the Folds and POP

Once all the circles have been layered, apply lots of glue to the empty white space, unfold the last segment and secure.

The circle will now pop to create a colorful 3D Balloon.

Image showing the balloon and basket being connected with string.

Assemble the Hot Air Balloon

Next, cut two pieces of string to join the Hot Air Balloon and Basket, ensuring that a small gap is left between the balloon and basket.

Secure each piece of string with sticky tape.

Image showing cloud stuck to blue card stock with holes added either end to the card. A long piece of string falls in the middle.

Let’s Create a Background and Pulley System

Using a hole punch, create two central and aligned holes at either end of the blue card stock.

Glue the white clouds and draw little ‘V’ shapes with a marker pen to create the impression of birds flying between the the clouds of the Summers Day blue sky.

Now cut a long piece of the string that’s twice as long as the backing card. It should be long enough to join the end at the back and tie.

Image showing the one piece of string secured to the hot air balloon.

Secure the Long string to both Balloon and Basket

Before threading the string to the backing card, secure the hot air balloon to the string with tape.

Image showing string being thread through the two holes.

Thread the String

Place the hot air balloon into the middle of the card stock and between the holes, and thread both ends of the string to their matching hole.

Image showing the two ends of the string being secured with a knot.

Join the Ends and Knot

Turn the back card over, allow a little slack in the string and secure the ends with a simple knot.

3D Hot Air Balloon Craft for Kids - An easy to make Hot Balloon Craft that kids will love! Featuring a 3D balloon and a pulley system to make it fly!

The 3D Hot Air Balloon Craft is Complete

The 3D Hot Air Balloon Craft is ready to soar high up into the clouds! To make the hot air balloon float, pull the string from behind up and down.

If you have loved our easy Hot Air Balloon Craft and made the craft with your children, please do share with us the results on social media!

3D Hot Air Balloon Craft for Kids - An easy to make Hot Balloon Craft that kids will love! Featuring a 3D balloon and a pulley system to make it fly!

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