3D Elephant Craft

If your children are anything like mine, the constant stomping will have you thinking you’re living with elephants…! So why not get them to channel that energy and enthusiasm into our brilliant 3D paper elephant craft instead!

It’s a really fun and engaging animal project for kids and would be perfect to support a safari learning topic – why not combine with our lion and giraffe crafts for a whole day of 3D animal fun!

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What you need:

Colored Stockcard:
X1 – Backing
X2 – Gray (or paper)
X1 – Pink (or paper)
X1 – White for Printing (or Paper)

Black Marker Pen

Let’s Make a 3D Elephant

Cut the out the shapes from the 3D Paper Elephant template.

Cut Out the Elephant Shapes

Carefully cut out the elephant shapes from the template.

Trace the elephant shapes onto grey and pink paper.

Trace Around the Shapes

On the gray cardstock, trace around the elephant’s head, trunk and larger ear shapes. On the pink cardstock, trace around the smaller ear shapes – these will make the insides of the elephant’s ears.

Then carefully cut out all of the shapes.

Assemble the cut out elephant shapes.

Assemble the Shapes and Add Detail

Now let’s put everything together!

Start by gluing the small pink ears onto the larger gray ones. Then stick the eyes onto the elephan’ts head (the large gray circle). Finally, draw some black, slightly curved, horizontal lines with your marker pen down the length of the trunk to give it that sweet creased look.

Gently fold the ear in half.

Gently Fold the Ears

Next, fold the ears in half gently – don’t create a firm crease, just fold enough so that the ears have some movement. Then glue the inner side of each ear to the backing card, leaving space in the middle for the elephant’s head. Make sure you don’t stick the whole ear down, we want them to flap from the page like Dumbo is about to take off!

Create a paper loop with a strip of cardstock.

Create 3 Paper Loops

And we’re not stopping at the ears: the head and trunk are going to pop too! So cut two strips lengthwise from a sheet of gray A4 card, and cut them in half. Take the first strip, curl it around to make a ring and secure it with a spot of glue so it doesn’t come undone. Repeat with the second and third strips.

Secure the ears and loops to the backing cardstock.

Secure Between the Ears

Stick a loop onto the backing card next to each ear, and stick the third loop between the first two, but about an inch down, so you have a triangle of paper loops.

Secure the head.

Add the Head

Carefully stick the elephant’s head onto the three card loops – make sure you don’t cover the back of the head with glue, otherwise she might end up stuck to the background!

3D Paper Elephant Craft: Create a large paper loop for the nose.

Create One More Large Paper Loop

Now we need to create a fourth loop, but this one needs to be bigger than the other three, so cut a wider strip of gray card before curling it round and securing. Then gently flatten it a little between your hands and stick onto the elephant’s head beneath the eyes.

3D Paper Elephant Craft: Fold the nose into an S shape.

The S Shape Fold

To give an extra element of depth, gently fold your trunk into an S shape. When you unfold it, it will be left with a perfect bend to flow over the 3D loop – no elephant’s trunk is straight!

The 3D paper Elephant Craft is complete!

Secure the Trunk

Finally, glue the top half of the trunk onto the fourth paper loop and BOING! Your elephant is ready to flap her ears, waggle her trunk and have lots of bouncy fun


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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