3D Giraffe Craft

3D Paper Giraffe Craft: Are you wanting to bring an extra dimension to your art? Then why not have a go at our easy giraffe craft for kids: a fun, creative safari animal design with a 3D twist!

Our 3D paper giraffe craft is the perfect engaging activity for pre-schoolers and school early years to strengthen fine motor skills and keep them entertained. But it would also make a really nice project to do with a sibling. Especially when paired with our roaringly good 3D paper lion craft – why not create both and create your own interactive animal safari!

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What you need:

White and Blue Cardstock
Scrap Card Cut into Strips
Paint (or pencils/crayons etc)
A Black Marker
Green Tissue Paper
Glue Stick

Let’s Make a Giraffe:

Add some spots to the giraffe template.

Draw Some Spots

What makes a giraffe unique? His spots! So draw some large spots on his neck, and some smaller ones around his face. Remember, a giraffe’s spots aren’t a uniform shape – they’re like wobbly circles and squares!

Paint the giraffe template.

Paint the Giraffe

Next, use your favourite paints, pencils or crayons to color the giraffe. You can create a realistic giraffe with brown, orange and yellow, or go for a colorful rainbow one – it’s up to you!

Cut out some leafy shapes from tissue paper.

Tissue Paper Leaves

Now we need to give our giraffe a jungle to live in. Carefully cut some leaf shapes out of green tissue paper. It’s even better if you have two different shades of green, as it will give your trees some depth.

Add some foliage to the top corners of the page.

Secure to the Background

Stick the leaves, layering up the colors, around the edges of the blue cardstock – don’t forget to leave space in the middle for your giraffe.

Assemble the head pieces.

Assemble the Face

Let’s build our giraffe: start by sticking the horns and eyes onto his face.

Secure the giraffes neck to the bottom of the page.

Secure the Neck

Then stick the giraffe’s neck onto your leafy blue cardstock – make sure you stick it at the bottom of the page, roughly in the middle.

Cut a piece of A4 orange card in half and create two hoops.

Make Loops

Now to create the 3D part! Cut a strip lengthwise from a sheet of A4 card, and cut it in half. Take the first strip, curl it around to make a ring and secure it with a spot of glue so it doesn’t come undone. Repeat with the second strip.

Secure the rings approx 3 inches apart to support the giraffes head.

Creating a Lift

Stick one of the loops just above the giraffe’s neck, and the second loop an inch or two up. This is how you’ll make your giraffe’s head pop up and wobble!

Secure the head to the paper rings.

Secure the Head

Carefully stick the giraffe’s head onto the two card loops – make sure you don’t cover the back of the head with glue, otherwise he might end up stuck to the background!

Add a second layer to the giraffe to make the mouth pop from the page.

Add Another Loop

Take another strip of card, curl and secure to create a third loop. Stick this one onto the middle of the giraffe’s face.

Secure the Mouth

Just like you did with his face, carefully stick the giraffe’s nose onto the loop, and your 3D paper craft is complete! Time to wobble, bounce and play!

Completed 3D Paper Giraffe Craft.


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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