Arty Crafty Kids | Craft | 18 Super Cute Unicorn Crafts | 18 super cute Unicorn Crafts for kids

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Super Cute Unicorn Crafts

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With the Unicorn craze in full swing, we’re jumping on that sparkly colour filled  bandwagon with a gorgeous round-up of 18 Super Cute Unicorn Crafts for kids.

As always, I subscribe to the ‘variety is the spice of life’ approach and have chosen an eclectic range of crafts to suit a broad age group.

There’s sure to be at least one or two that tickle your fancy!

So be prepared for lots of bright colours, glitter, sparkle, magic and simply adorable Unicorn craftiness.

Sound good? let’s take a look at the Unicorn Crafts!

18 Super Cute Unicorn Crafts

Arty Crafty Kids | Craft | 18 Super Cute Unicorn Crafts | 18 super cute Unicorn Crafts for kids

Blow Paint Creatures Craft

I simply adore how the ‘blow paint’ technique is used to create the colourful unicorn mane and if you like the Unicorn, then you will be sure to LOVE the other creatures within this ‘Blow Painted Creatures‘ post from The Pinterested Parent.

Unicorn Hand Puppet

The next on our list is this a very simple, but adorable ‘Unicorn Hand Puppet‘ from I Heart Crafty Things – isn’t it cute?

DIY Stained Glass Unicorn

This ‘DIY Stained Glass Unicorn‘ from Oh Happy Day ticks all the boxes – beautiful, colourful and easy to make!

Unicorn Costume

If your children have a fancy dress party to attend, enjoy dressing up games or if you’re thinking ahead to Halloween, then this ‘Unicorn Costume‘ from Hello Wonderful is the one for you. And guess what? it’s no-sew!

Over the Rainbow Unicorn Puppet Craft

This cute ‘Over the Rainbow Unicorn Puppet Craft’ is one of ours and comes with a free template! Unicorn’s can dance, jump, and slide down the Paper Plate Rainbow.

Shoe Print Unicorn

The final craft within this section is a ‘Shoe Print Unicorn’ from Fun Handprint Art Blog is perfect for small children, especially preschoolers!

Arty Crafty Kids | Craft | 18 Super Cute Unicorn Crafts | 18 super cute Unicorn Crafts for kids

Origami Unicorn Bookmark

Discover how to make this gorgeous ‘Origami Unicorn Bookmark’ from the amazing Willow Day.

Sprinkle ‘Pooping’ Unicorns

These ‘Sprinkle Pooping Unicorns’ from Hello Wonderful would be a magical addition to a Unicorn themed party!

TP Roll Unicorn Marionette

Create a fun ‘TP Roll Unicorn Marionette‘ with Red Ted Art. I love the conker hooves!

Unicorn Necklace

We all love a little bling and kids’ can accessorize with this cute ‘Unicorn Necklace’ from Meri Cherry Blog.

DIY Unicorn Pinata

Continuing with the party theme, why not add a ‘DIY Unicorn Pinata’ to the festivities. It even comes with a free printable template! (by Hello Wonderful).

Mixed Media Unicorn

This easy peasy ‘Mixed Media Unicorn’ is the perfect craft for small children and is great way to re-purpose common household materials.

Arty Crafty Kids | Craft | 18 Super Cute Unicorn Crafts | 18 super cute Unicorn Crafts for kids

Unicorn Paper Hand Puppets

I love interactive crafts and these adorable ‘Unicorn Paper Hand Puppets’ by Make Film Play will be sure to inspire magical play.

DIY Unicorn Hobby Horse

Here’s another one for you… this ‘DIY Unicorn Hobby Horse’ by Adventure in a Box is surprisingly easy to make and will become something I’m sure your child will cherish forever.

Unicorn Mobile

This ‘Unicorn Mobile’ by Hattifant will look beautiful on display within a childs room or nursery.

TP Roll Unicorns

I love a good ol’ paper tube craft and these ‘TP Roll Unicorns’ from MollyMoo are just amazing!

Paper Bag Unicorn

Here’s another simple ‘Paper Bag Unicorn’ from I Heart Crafty Things.

Recycled Unicorn Money Box

And finally, we’re finishing off this collection with a ‘Recycled Unicorn Money Box’ from Willow Day.

I hope you LOVE and adore each every Unicorn craft featured within this collection 18 Super Cute Unicorn Crafts.

Do you have a favourite?

  1. Blow Painted Creatures
  2. Unicorn Hand Puppet
  3. DIY Stained Glass Unicorn
  4. Unicorn Costume
  5. Over the Rainbow Unicorn Puppet Craft
  6. Shoe Print Unicorn
  7. Origami Unicorn Bookmark
  8. Sprinkle Pooping Unicorns
  9. TP Roll Unicorn Marionette
  10. Unicorn Necklace
  11. DIY Unicorn Pinata
  12. Mixed Media Unicorn
  13. Unicorn Paper Hand Puppets
  14. DIY Unicorn Hobby Horse
  15. Unicorn Mobile
  16. TP Roll Unicorns
  17. Paper Bag Unicorn
  18. Recycled Unicorn Money Box

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Arty Crafty Kids | Craft | 18 Irrestibly cute simple Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Bonus Unicorn Art & Craft Projects!

Who doesn’t love Unicorns?? Am I right?!

Well we have a couple of bonus Unicorn crafts here, with a FREE template to help get your craft on with your Arty Crafty Kids!

Printable Unicorn Puppets in Christmas Pyjamas

These guys are in their Christmas pyjamas, but with the FREE blank template, your Arty Crafty Kids can have colour them in for any season!

And using the template, it’s easy to make these fun printable puppets.

Unicorn Heart Craft

This sweet printable Unicorn Heart Craft for kids is super quick and easy, and has an open-ended quality that allows children to enhance and personalise the simple unicorn design.

Kids are free to doodle and colour the unicorn to their imaginations content.

They can add embellishments of their choosing or explore printing techniques to make this craft their own.

see tutorials – splat painting, scrape painting, bubble wrap

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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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