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Splat Painting

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Splat painting is an amazingly fun art process for kids! there’s something about flying paint splattering in various directions that leaves kids gripped with anticipation and excitement.

Process art is all about the experience of collating materials, experimenting and exploring a medium to create freely, go with the flow and simply, see what happens. A process important to developing creativity within early childhood.

Our splat painting abandons the Jackson Pollock flicking of a paint brush method for a washing up bristle brush, with super results!

Arty Crafty Kids - Splat Painting - Process Art for Kids

With just a few materials, our bristle brush splat painting can be easily set up at home! 

Splat Painting: Materials

Washing up Bristle Brush
Plastic Knife

Arty Crafty Kids - Splat Painting - Process Art for Kids

Begin by covering the bristle brush in paint and rest the brush onto the paper at an angle.

Next, take the blunt plastic knife and pull it towards you from the bottom of the brush, making the bristles flick as the knife brushes against them.

Watch the paint fly across the paper!

Arty Crafty Kids - Splat Painting - Process Art for Kids

This method of splat painting gives the arty kids control over the direction and spread of the paint, adding texture and body to their modern work of art.

Arty Crafty Kids - Splat Painting - Process Art for Kids

Encourage the arty kids to experiment with the angles of the brush and the force they apply to the knife when stroking it across the bristles.

A great exercise for developing coordination and fine motor skills!

Angel adored the entire process and I have to admit, there were a few instances of paint flying into the air (and onto mummy) as she moved the brush in the opposite direction.

As you can imagine, she found it hilarious!

I hope your kiddies enjoy splat painting with a bristle brush!

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Arty Crafty Kids - Splat Painting - Process Art for Kids


This post forms part of a painting challenge hosted by the fabulous Messy Little Monster, which focusses entirely on the painting process rather than the outcome!

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Arty Crafty Kids - Splat Painting



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