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Fork Painted Hedgehog Art Project

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Fork Painted Hedgehog Art Project for kids with an Autumnal twist! This easy and fun fall craft is perfect for kids at home or school

Kids love to try new things and painting with a folk is a great way to explore printing with every day objects. It’s particularly effective for adding spikes to the printable hedgehog template.

Fork Painted Hedgehog Art Project for Kids - A fun and easy fall craft for kids that explores painting with a fork.

The Autumn twist is an optional element to craft, but is a fun way to expand the project and explore colour mixing.

Kids can use the hedgehog template to also explore leaf printing.

Expanding the Fall Art Project:

Before delving into the Hedgehog Fall Leaf Craft, encourage your Arty Crafty Kids to think about the process of mixing colours by asking a few questions…

  • How much Red and Yellow do you need to make Orange?
  • How do you make different tones of Orange (Yellow, Red, Green)?
  • How do you make Brown?
  • Can you make the same colour twice?

Kids will naturally adopt a process of trial and error to create their desired colours, and this simple process has many positive learning outcomes.

The Benefits of Colour Mixing:

Mathematical Thinking:

Arty Crafty Kids will be mentally measuring and testing paint ratios to create new colours.

Problem Solving:

The process of working out ‘HOW’ to create a new colour and replicate the shades of the leaves they’ve collected is problem-solving in action.


Simply talking about their processes and finding appropriate words to describe their new colours helps develop vocabulary.

And all of these outcomes combined stimulate and enhance children’s imaginations and creativity!

Fork Painted Hedgehog Art Project


  • White Card Stock
  • Fork
  • Paint
  • Mixing Plate

Downloading the Hedgehog Template

Arty Crafty Kids members can access the Hedgehog Template here:

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Step by Step Tutorial:

Download the Hedgehog Printable template from the Arty Crafty Kids members area.

Printing the Hedgehog Template

Download and print the Hedgehog Template from the Arty Crafty Kids members area.

The template can be downloaded onto good quality paper or card stock.

If you opt for cardstock, remember to check your printer settings for a recommended weight. Most printers prefer card stock less than 220gsm.

Fork Painted Hedgehog Art Project for Kids - A fun and easy fall craft for kids that explores painting with a fork.

Paint the Head and Body

Step 1: Colour Mixing!

Add red to white to create a pink hue.

Using a paintbrush, paint the head and lower body area pink.

Printing with a fork.

How to Paint with a Fork

Step 2: Select the first colour.

Place the back of a fork directly into the paint. Rock it back and forth for good coverage.

Remove the fork from the paint and pop/remove any bubbles or excess of paint from between the gaps.

How to paint with a fork.

Printing with a Fork

Step 3: Create the first print.

Rock the fork back and forth to create a complete and solid print.

Step 4: Use the template as a guide and print round the shape.

Arty Crafty Kids may need to reload their forks with every new print or create two or three prints with one application of paint.

Use one colour for each layer of the hedgehogs spikes or use different colours – it’s entirely up to Arty Crafty Kids.

Adding Layers

Step 5: Repeat the above process with a second colour/shade.

Creating Autumn Shades

Step 6: Using just red, yellow and blue, how many Autumn colours can your Arty Crafty Kids make?

As the Arty Crafty Kids progress through the art project, encourage them to consider using lighter/darker shades to create contrast.

This is a simple way to explore colour.

Fork Painted Hedgehog Art Project for Kids - A fun and easy fall craft for kids that explores painting with a fork.

Completing the
Fork Painted Hedgehog Art Project

Step 7: Continue filling the hedgehog with fork prints until all the white space has been covered.

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Fork Painted Hedgehog Art Project for Kids - A fun and easy fall craft for kids that explores painting with a fork.

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