Bobble Handprint Owl Craft

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Bobble Handprint Owl Craft

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Bobble Handprint Owl Craft – A super cute and interactive paper Autumn craft that kids will love! With its wobbly handprint wings, the craft doubles up as a gorgeous seasonal keepsake.

Arty Crafty Kids | Bobble Handprint Owl Craft for kids. An easy  Autumn craft kids will love with interactive handprint wings.

This owl craft is such fun to make and perfectly adaptable to suit children both big and small – Preschoolers may find it easier to skip the tracing steps and decorate the template directly.

Bobble Handprint Owl Craft: Materials

Black & White Card Stock
Patterned Paper or Card
Coloured Paper
Brown Tissue Paper
Glue Stick

Downloading the Owl Template:

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Bobble Handprint Owl Craft: Tutorial

Printing the Template

Download and print the Apple Template from the Arty Crafty Kids members area.

The template can be downloaded onto good quality paper or card stock.

If you opt for cardstock, remember to check your printer settings for a recommended weight. Most printers prefer card stock less than 220gsm.

Print and cut out the Bobble Handprint Owl Printable Template.

Cut out the Owl Elements

Step 1: Carefully cut out the owl elements.

The template has been designed with little hands in mind; using big thick lines and simple shapes to encourage smaller children to have a go at cutting for themselves.

Trace the Owl Template.

Trace the Owl Elements

Step 2: Transfer the owl’s body to a piece of coloured/patterned paper or card. Carefully trace around the shape with a pencil.

Alternatively, Arty Crafty Kids can simply paint and decorate the template!

Adding a tissue paper branch to the Handprint Owl Craft.

Make a Branch

Step 3: Grab two sheets of rectangular tissue paper and twist until they hold.

The twisted tissue paper will become a tree branch!

Adding leaves and a moon to the Handprint Owl Craft.

Step 4: Secure the tissue paper tree branch with glue to the bottom of the backing card ( we have chosen black to create a night-time scene for our owl).

Step 5. Add green leaves to the branch.

Step 6. Draw around a circular object onto yellow paper to create a moon. Secure the moon with glue.

Add handprints to the owl design.

Trace a Pair of Handprints

Step 7: Draw around a pair of Arty Crafty Hands onto coloured paper/card and cut the handprints out.

Creating a paper spring to make the handprints flap and wobble.

Make an Accordion Fold

Step 8: Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut out two even strips of coloured paper (or card for a better bounce, however it’s trickier for kids to fold) – ideally, the strips will be fairly wide and for length, I recommend cutting the paper from the shortest side of an A4 piece of paper or longest side of a piece of card.

Take the two strips and position them in a 90° angle as shown above. Glue the connecting papers together.

Completing the accordion fold.

Step 9: Fold the bottom strip over the top and crease the fold along the edge. This will make the accordion fold tight!

Continue this process until all the is paper has been folded.

Seal the ends with glue.

Securing the accordion fold.

Step 10: Attach one end of each accordion fold to the body of the owl (as shown above).

Adding Handprint wings to the Owl craft.

Attach the Handprint Wings

Step 11: Secure the handprints to the top of each accordion fold.

The handprint wings will now wobble and flap as if the owl is about to take off!

Completing the Bobble Handprint Owl Craft.

Completing the Bobble Handprint Owl Craft

Step 11: Complete the Bobble Handprint Owl Craft with a pair of eyes and a yellow beak.

Arty Crafty Kids | Bobble Handprint Owl Craft for kids. An easy  Autumn craft kids will love with interactive handprint wings.

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Arty Crafty Kids | Bobble Handprint Owl Craft for kids. An easy  Autumn craft kids will love with interactive handprint wings.

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