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Toilet Paper Roll Owls

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These toilet paper roll owls are not only cute, they’re also super easy to put together and perfect for kids to make!

With the nights drawing in and the air becoming cooler, the toilet paper roll owls are an ideal Autumn craft for kick-starting the season and use materials you’re likely to already have within the recycling bin and craft box.

Arty Crafty Kids | Toilet Paper Roll Owls for kids to make this Autumn. A sweet Autumn craft for kids using recycled materials.

Kids will delight in transforming something old into something new, and this simple owl craft will work for toddlers, preschoolers and beyond!

Toilet Paper Roll Owls: Materials

Toilet Paper Roll
Colourful Craft Paper
Glue Stick
Marker Pen

Toilet Paper Roll Owls: Step by Step Tutorial

A toilet roll wrapped in paper.

Preparing the Paper Roll

Step 1: Cut a strip of coloured paper to the size of the paper roll with enough width to wrap around the roll.

Wrap the paper round the toilet paper roll and secure with glue.

Creating the owl shape with a toilet paper roll.

Creating an ‘OWL’ Shape

Step 2: Start from the middle of the top of the roll and gently push inwards, this will create two pointed edges.

Repeat the step with the bottom of the roll.

Transforming the toilet paper roll into an owl.

Step 3: Create a pair of feet and attach them to the bottom of the paper roll.

Adding feathers to the toilet paper roll owl.

Add Paper Feathers

Step 4: Using coloured paper, add a line of paper feathers around the middle of the owl.

Completing the Toilet Paper Roll Owl.

Feathery Options…

Step 5: Add a further line of feathers above and below the middle line.

The shape and size of the feathers can be determined by your Arty Crafty Kids.

They could be complete ovals, triangles or a mixture of both. Alternatively, feathers could be added with finger tips.

Step 6: Cut out two large white circles and use a marker pen to add the pupils.

Step 7: Fold a piece of paper in half and starting from the folded edge, cut a triangular shape for the owl’s beak.

Arty Crafty Kids | Toilet Paper Roll Owls for kids to make this Autumn. A sweet Autumn craft for kids using recycled materials.

Completing the Toilet Paper Roll Owls

Step 8: Complete the owls with a pair of wings, big eyes and a beak!

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Happy Crafting!

Arty Crafty Kids | Toilet Paper Roll Owls for kids to make this Autumn. A sweet Autumn craft for kids using recycled materials.

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