August 18, 2018

Rainbow Silhouette Leaf Art

August 13, 2018 Helen 0

This simple Rainbow Silhouette Leaf Art project is all about play and creative experimentation. Playing with colours. Playing with positive and negative space. Playing with various artistic approaches. And with a choice of four downloadable […]

Woven Angel Fish Craft

June 18, 2018 Helen 0

This gorgeous Woven Angel Fish Craft is perfect helping little hands master the process of weaving. The handling and motion of weaving in and out of the fish, is great for fine motor skills and […]

Lion Fathers Day Card

June 2, 2018 Helen 0

This super cute printable Lion Fathers Day Card is great fun for kids to cut, stick and assemble; creating a sweet card that will make Daddy weak at the knees! The simplicity of the printable design […]

Paper Butterfly Collage

April 20, 2018 Helen 0

Collage art is a wonderful medium for kids to explore. The process of breaking one object (in this instance paper) to create a new whole naturally lends itself to encouraging creative thinking and developing problem-solving skills. With […]

Cute Printable Panda Card

February 4, 2018 Hels Bells 0

This super Cute Printable Panda Card is great fun for kids to cut, stick and assemble; creating a sweet card for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or for a just because ‘you’re special’ type of day. The […]

Valentines Love Tree Coloring Page

January 19, 2017 Hels Bells 0

There’s a certain charm about hand drawn coloring pages. The combination of irregular lines and free flowing design, not only makes them unique, but interesting too and I hope you can see that a oodles […]