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Bleeding Crepe Paper Art

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Bleeding Crepe Paper Art produces cool abstract and colourful prints with a wow factor. It’s an art idea that can be taken outside during sunny Summer days and falls into the genre of ‘process art’.

What is Process Art?

To put it simply, it’s all about the creative process rather than the end product. All too often (myself included) it’s easy to get fixated on the end result, whereas process art gives children the freedom to create without a preconceived idea of how their craft ‘should’ look.

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Process art is more of a play, experiment and let’s see what happens approach, and this is where the magic happens.

The Benefits of Process Art for Kids

 With imaginations captured, children will quickly master their tools, learn cause and effect through experimentation, create unique masterpieces and have a jolly good time doing it!

And from a practical perspective, process art tends not to be material intensive, making it quick and easy to set up – perfect when you’re dealing with short attention spans!

So let’s talk about Bleeding Crepe Paper Art…

Bleeding Crepe Paper Art: Materials

  • Stock Card / Watercolour or Mixed Media Paper – needs
  • Crepe Paper
  • A Water Spray Bottle or a Jar of Water & Paintbrush
  • Rolling Pin

Bleeding Crepe Paper Art: Step by Step

Preparing the Water and Crepe Paper

Simply fill a spray bottle with cool water or if you do not have one available, use a jug of water instead. In this instance, generous amounts of water will need to spread with a paintbrush.

Will Tissue Paper Work?

Short answer, YES, absolutely!

Tissue paper does work, however you will need to check that it bleeds (i.e. the colours will run!).

Arty Crafty KidsArt | Bleeding Crepe Paper Art | An easy art project for kids

Wet the Paper

Step 1: Lightly spray the watercolour paper with water.

Arty Crafty KidsArt | Bleeding Crepe Paper Art | An easy art project for kids

Cut the Crepe Paper into Strips

Step 2: Cut the crepe paper into strips, squares, circles or simply tear it to create random and unusual shapes.

Layer the crepe paper onto the watercolour paper.

Arty Crafty KidsArt | Bleeding Crepe Paper Art | An easy art project for kids

Let’s Spray

Step 3: Spray the crepe paper until its soaking wet and the colour begin to run.

Arty Crafty KidsArt | Bleeding Crepe Paper Art | An easy art project for kids

Let’s Roll

Step 4: Gently flatten the crepe paper onto the watercolour paper with a rolling-pin in a slow and even motion to avoid lifting the crepe paper prematurely.

Leave the crepe paper to settle for 5-15min.

Arty Crafty KidsArt | Bleeding Crepe Paper Art | An easy art project for kids

Gently Peel the Crepe Paper Away

Step 5: Carefully remove the crepe paper to reveal the interesting and textured prints underneath.

Arty Crafty KidsArt | Bleeding Crepe Paper Art | An easy art project for kids

The Big Reveal!

And ta-da, it’s as easy as that!

The Arty Crafty Kids should be left with a page full of colourful textured prints from the crepe paper.

The art could be left as it is or reused in other crafts, such as our cool cat concept.

Some Extra Pointers….

Encourage the Arty Crafty Kids to experiment with the water, the amount of crepe paper they use, the colour combinations and the duration they leave the crepe paper to stand before removing it.

Will the colours appear bolder or lighter?

Can they create new colours by layering primary colours?

What will happen if they gather the soggy crepe paper and give it a squeeze?

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I hope the Arty Crafty Kids love the process and create some spectacular prints.

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Happy Crafting!

Arty Crafty KidsArt | Bleeding Crepe Paper Art | An easy art project for kids

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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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