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10 Frosty Fun Number Worksheets

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10 Frosty Fun Number Worksheets: Whether your children are learning about the Arctic at school, or whether you’re just looking for a fun way to engage children in numbers, these frosty fun worksheets are ideal.

Children can help the friendly Eskimo reach his igloo, by counting correctly along the path. Or they can complete the happy penguin, by joining the dots. This fun collection explores numbers in a variety of different ways, using interactive puzzles and bold shapes. And they can be colored in afterwards! So, children can get creative whilst learning!

Perfect for pre-schoolers and school early years children, these worksheets are a great way to help children get really comfortable and confident with numbers. They will help them to practice number formation and understand sequences.

Our 10 Frosty Fun Worksheets are the perfect activity for rainy winter days, and will help to keep children excited about learning.

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