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Printable Monster Spinner Craft

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If you’re looking for an easy independent craft for the kids that can be used in loads of different, but equally fun, ways then our printable monster spinner craft is for you!

Children will have a great time using their imaginations to create funny, silly monster faces and, once they’ve crafted their spinners, there’s hours of fun to be had. They can be used as puppets for storytelling or as a monster fairy wand, and they also make brilliant homemade fidget spinners – I have one on my own desk!

Printable Monster Spinner Craft - A fun and engaging Halloween craft for kids. 

Children will have a great time using their imaginations to create funny, silly monster faces and, once they've crafted their spinners, there's hours of fun to be had.

They’re great for understanding expressions and can even be used to communicate feelings, especially if kids are having a down day and don’t feel like talking.

And since Trick or Treating might not be on the cards this year, it also makes a really playful Halloween Craft with all the fun and none of the spook.

How to Assemble the Printable Monster Spinner Craft


White Cardstock
Paint, Crayons, Pens or Pencils
Paper Straws
Yarn (optional extra)
Glue Stick

How to Download the Monster Spinner Templates:

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Let’s Make the Printable Monster Spinner Craft:

Printable Monster Spinner Craft: Download the printable monster template from our Arty Crafty Kids members area.

Color the Template

Use your favourite paints, pens or crayons to color in the template. You’re making monsters, so remember to use bright colors and fun patterns so they look super silly!

Cut out the monster elements from the printable template and add some facial features to give the monster a unique expression.

Add Features

Carefully cut out all of the elements from the template and stick some features to each head.

Mix and match the different monster elements to create crazy monster faces.

Mix and match different eyes, mouths and horns to create crazy monster faces!

Secure the straw to the inside of one of the monster heads. For added creativity, create some fuzzy hair with yarn.

Secure the Straw

Stick a straw to the back of one of the monster faces. Be really generous with the glue to make sure it’s secure – you might even want to add a strip of tape.

If you fancy creating a furry, fuzzy monster, you can stick some short lengths of yarn around the sides or top – use your imagination!

Apply lots of glue to the backs of two matching monster heads.

Apply Lots of Glue

Cover the back of the face (with the straw) in glue, and cover the back of a second monster face with glue as well.

Bring the two monster faces together.

Bring the Two Faces Together

Carefully stick the two monster faces together.

Wriggle the monster faces to ensure the back and front heads align.

Wriggle to Align

If they’re not quite lined up, give them a little wriggle or slide them into place – then make sure you give them a really firm press together so they stay in place.

Once they’re dry, it’s time to have fun: spin, wave and be silly!

Printable Monster Spinner Craft: Now it's time to play. A fun, friendly and engaging Halloween craft kids will love.

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Happy Crafting!

Printable Monster Spinner Craft: Now it's time to play. A fun, friendly and engaging Halloween craft kids will love.

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