30 Magical Mermaid Coloring Pages - 30 Mermaid Coloring Sheets featuring an array of mermaids, ocean animals, merkids and more!

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Mermaid Coloring Pages – 30 Magical Printable Sheets

Let’s bring the myths and legends of the sea to life with our beautifully hand-drawn and unique Mermaid Coloring Pages! We have 30 printable mermaid coloring sheets available for download, all wrapped up into one convenient coloring book.

Our mermaids can be found playing with a variety of fun ocean friends from crabs to dolphins, octopuses, jellyfish, seahorses and more!

Check out this magical collection of 30 Mermaid Coloring Page - Printable Coloring Sheets - 30 Page Mermaid Coloring Book

30 Unique and Magical Mermaid Printable Sheets

Many of our coloring pages are completely free to download and will give your children a kickstart into our magical deep sea world.

Each and every coloring page has been carefully designed to help inspire creativity and imaginative thinking.

Not Just a Coloring Page

The coloring pages feature mermaids in different action shots, with a number of ocean animals and facial expressions. The individual sheets each tell a story in their own right. Children may take the story-telling a step further and sequence the pages into a full picture book!

Free Mermaid Coloring Pages

These free mermaid coloring pages are perfect for the Summer months, and will give you and the Arty Crafty Kids a taster of the quality printables we have on offer.

Simple Mermaid Coloring Sheet

Our collection of free coloring sheets starts with a classic mermaid design, sitting peacefully on a rock and adorned with beautiful shiny pearls.

Mermaid Wearing an Octopus Hat!!!

From classic to fun! This octopus is a little confused and has found itself resting on a mermaid’s head – I wonder what’s happened here?

While on the theme of Octopuses, your Arty Crafty Kids may also like to try our How to Draw an Octopus tutorial!

Happy Mermaid Page

This mermaid is in full dance mode and conveys absolute joy. Perhaps imagine a scene from The Little Mermaid, have a sing-song and get into the spirit while coloring this happy page.

Little Mermaid Inspired Coloring Page

Here we have an Ariel inspired mermaid looking longingly into a “thingy-me-bob” she’s found. As she stares at her reflection, what is she thinking?

Mermaid with a Beautiful Shell

This coloring page is inspired by my own children’s love of seashells. Each and every find brings joy to their hearts and mermaid’s a no different. Seashells brings joy to their hearts too.

Mermaid Coloring Book –
Featuring all 30 Mermaid Coloring Pages!

Now that you have seen our collection of freebies, let’s take a sneak peak at a few of the mermaid coloring pages found within the coloring book (which also includes the freebies!)

How to Download the Mermaid Coloring Book

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Preview: 30 Mermaid Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages Featuring Mermaids and Ocean Animals

We love all things under the sea and no mermaid collection would be complete without a few sea creature favorites; from mermaids riding seahorses and sea turtles to shooing away a nippy crab!

Mermaid Riding a Seahorse

Seahorses and mermaids, what a wonderful combination. Both are often portrayed as super colorful and contrasted against different shades of blue – this is one very inspiring page to color!

Mermaid Riding a Seahorse Coloring Page

Mermaid Riding a Sea Turtle

I just adore how the mermaid is hitching a ride on her turtle friend, giving him a cheeky wave as he glides through the sea. This page is calling for blues, aquas and shades of green – how will your Arty Crafty Kids color the mermaid to help her pop from the page?

Arty Crafty Kids can also use our flow drawing technique to learn how to draw a sea turtle.

Mermaid Riding a Sea Turtle Coloring Page

Mermaid Swimming with a Dolphin

Our next coloring page features a mermaid befriending a dolphin. They look so happy together. What colors could your Arty Crafty Kids use to portray their happiness?

Mermaid and Dolphin Coloring Page

Mermaid and Super Cute Jellyfish

Next we have the cutest jellyfish ever designed and with so many tentacles to color, this jellyfish could also be the most colorful jellyfish in the sea!

Mermaid and Large Jellyfish Coloring Page

Playful Crab

The playful crab sheet is the first of a set of two coloring pages that needs a story! Here we have a crab and mermaid happily playing together, until…

Mermaid Playing with a Crab Coloring Page

Playful Crab Takes a Tumble

… the playful crab takes a tumble! Do you think the crab became a little too nippy?

Mermaid Pinched by a Crab Coloring Page

Mermaid with her Sea Creature Friends

Our Ariel look-a-like has returned with her swordfish and fishy friends. This coloring page is bursting with underwater life and cannot wait to be complete with color!

Mermaid and Swordfish Coloring Page

Mermaid’s Finding Pearls and More Coloring Pages

Pearls are valued for their calming effects and are considered the ultimate symbol of wisdom and loyalty. It’s no wonder that our mermaids have chosen to adorn themselves in pearls and enjoy exploring the ocean floor looking for these precious objects.

Dancing in the Bubbles

Our next mermaid is ready for the party. Happy and clearly loving underwater life – what party colors would suit this lovely coloring sheet? Florescent marker pens would certainly make this party mermaid pop from the page!

Mermaid Dancing Coloring Page

Mermaid Inside a Clam

We have so far focused on the positive connotations of mermaid, as portrayed in popular culture, however myths and legends from around the world tell a very different story. Vanity is a feature of the mermaid that comes up time and time again. Get an overview of the myths and legends here.

Mermaid and Swordfish Coloring Page

Clutching a Pearl

Following from the previous coloring page, is it possible that the mermaid has taken something she shouldn’t have or has been surprised by another sea creature?

Mermaid finding a Peal Coloring Page

Singing on a Rock

This coloring page conjures up images of Ariel, singing one of her beautiful songs.

Mermaid Brushing Hair Coloring Page

The Mermaid Finds a Pearl

It looks like our next mermaid is very pleased with her find and is perhaps gifting the pearl to a friend. What could the story behind this page be?

With the wavy background and open space, this would be a great page for exploring a medium outside of a crayon or pencil. Watercolor would work beautifully within the wave and could even be combined with a white crayon (as seen within our how to draw a jellyfish tutorial.)

Mermaid Holding a Clam Coloring Page

Coloring Pages Featuring Mermaids and their Merchildren

The complete mermaid coloring book also features mermaids with their merchildren, enjoying ordinary moments that will be familiar to your own children.

Mother and Child Singing

Here, mother and child are enjoying a sing-song together. What songs to your children enjoying singing?

Mermaid and Mer-child Singing Coloring Page

Mother and Child Swimming

The final mermaid coloring page present a mother and child swimming, chatting and explore the ocean floor. I wonder what they’re chatting about?

Mermaids and Mer-child Coloring Page

30 Mermaid Printable Coloring Sheets

And that concludes our deep sea preview of some of the mermaid coloring pages featured within the printable coloring book. Do you have any favorites?

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Preview: 30 Mermaid Coloring Pages

Check out this magical collection of 30 Mermaid Coloring Page - Printable Coloring Sheets - 30 Page Mermaid Coloring Book

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