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Cherry Blossom Handprint Tree

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If you’ve been following Arty Crafty Kids for a while, you may have noticed that we LOVE our tree crafts. Craft is a fantastic way for children to interpret their observations of seasonal change and with Spring in the air, we’ve welcome a new addition to our seasonal handprint tree collection – a cherry blossom handprint tree!

Using a simple technique, preschoolers are free to recreate the appearance of a tree their own way. The ‘handprint ‘ adds a fun personal touch the kids seem to love!

And if you’re planning to try this idea with the kids this Spring, why not make it a year long project and work your way through all the seasons to create a collection of seasonal handprint trees!


Cherry Blossom Handprint Tree 

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White Stock Card
Pink, White, Red and Brown Paint
A Willing Arm

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Cherry Blossom Handprint Tree

Using a pencil, draw a faint line around your child’s arm and paint brown.

Rather than using ‘brown’ paint, offer the kids the primary colours and ask them to create shade. In my experience, kids (especially toddlers) rarely have problem making brown.

If you have an older child, it would be great fun for them to have a go themselves!

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Cherry Blossom Handprint Tree

Offer a selection of pink and red paint, and encourage the kids to create various shades of pink by mixing white.

Once all the colours are formed, add a q-tip to each shade.

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Cherry Blossom Handprint Tree

Cover the Q-tip in paint and dot it around the handprint, using one colour at a time.

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Cherry Blossom Handprint Tree

Layer the colours to add depth and shade, filling the tree with beautiful ‘blossoms’.

I hope your children have enjoyed creating their beautiful cherry blossom handprint trees and if you would to explore other simple techniques, take a look at our bubble wrap and fingerprint blossom trees.

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Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Cherry Blossom Handprint Tree

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