Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Arty Crafty Kids - Book-Club - Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Our Recycled Frog Craft for Kids inspired by the super duper fun book Oi Frog.

Have you read it yet?

My kids LOVE Oi Frog!

Its simple story line is just plain silly and fun, with an emphasis on rhyme and word play.

Perfect for preschoolers!

It’s an incredibly engaging book from start to finish and my girls enjoyed predicting the rhyming words as they met each animal – I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how great this is for language development!

If you’re on the look out for a new book for your preschooler, then I can guarantee this book will have them giggling throughout.

You can buy it from Amazon here: Oi Frog (US) / Oi Frog (UK) 

Now get your yogurt pots ready, let’s move onto the craft!

MATERIALS: Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

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Yogurt Pot
Acrylic Paint (US Link / UK Link)
Felt (US Link – A Handy Peel and Stock Version / UK Link)
X2 White Pom-Pom’s
X2 Black Buttons
PVA Glue


Let’s Make It!

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Book-Club - Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Paint the yogurt pot.

Dampen the brush with a small amount of water and then apply the paint. Luckily, acrylic paint tends to dry quickly and depending on the consistency, you should only need one coat. If a second is needed, that’s ok too!


Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Book-Club - Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Once the paint has dried, glue the black buttons onto the pom-pom’s and glue them to the top of the painted yogurt pot.

Next, cut out a few circles from the sheets of felt and stick them onto the pot.


Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Book-Club - Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Using green felt, cut out four feet shapes and stick them onto the pot.

Finish off with a nice red felt tongue!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Recycled Frog Craft for Kids and make sure you come back for more, as we’ve been using our yogurt pots to make elephants, lions, spaceships and much more! 

So start collecting!

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Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Book-Club - Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Triceratops

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Paper Plate Dinosaur



Right now, our household is dinosaur mad! we’ve been reading about dinosaurs, watching dinosaur programmes and making lots and lots of dinosaurs, and this paper plate triceratops is a firm favourite. I love how it turned out, especially the toothy grin!

When Angel takes an interest in a particular topic, I love running it with it and making it as fun as possible. Not only does it support learning, but she had a blast turning her favourite dinosaur into a paper plate and its a craft that I’m sure all kids will love.

Paper Plate Triceratops: Materials

2 Paper Plates
PVA Glue

Paper Plate Triceratops 
Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Paper Plate Dinosaur

1. Take a white paper plate and remove half of the perforated edge of the paper plate (PP1). Shape the  remainder of the rim. This will become the dinosaurs face.

2. Paint PP1  and paint just half of PP2 using the same colour. We chose to paint ours green.

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Paper Plate Dinosaur

3. Cut out the painted semi-cirlce on PP2 and again remove the perforated rim.

4. Paint a pink semi-circle onto PP1.

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Paper Plate Dinosaur

5. Using the white remainder of the PP2, cut out a toothy semi-circle and glue it onto the dry pink semicircle.

6. Creating a small fold, glue the roof of the mouth above the pink semi-circle to finish off the dinosaurs mouth. It should flap quite freely.

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Paper Plate Dinosaur

7. To finish off, cut out three triangles from the scraps of white paper plate and two circles for eyes.

8. Glue the eyes on and create a small fold on each of the wide parts of the triangle, and glue. Gently fold the unglued parts of the triangle towards you to create a 3d effect.

I hope you’ve loved our paper plate triceratops as much as us!  If you try this at home or within a group, preschool setting, it would great to hear how you get along with it and keep checking back for more dinosaur crafts and activities – we’re totally in the dino zone!

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Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Paper Plate Dinosaur

Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft

Arty Crafty Kids - Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft

When it comes to simple preschool crafts, the humble toilet roll often takes centre stage –  who doesn’t have the odd paper roll to hand? Our Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft is perfect for younger children.

They’ll love designing their butterflies. Applying colour, creating patterns, sticking and playing with their creations.

Our Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft is also a great activity combined with a butterfly themed book, such as the classic preschool book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar – acting as an invitation to young children to interpret the books in their own way through their butterfly designs.

Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft: Materials

Paper Toilet Roll
Paper Plate
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaner
Embellishments – sequins, felt circles, tissue paper etc

Sticky Tape

To get started, simply cut a plate into four parts and shape to create the appearance of wings.

From here, your arty kids can get creative and paint!

Arty Crafty Kids - Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft

Once dry, pair the wings together and staple.

Arty Crafty Kids - Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft

Add some further decorations (if that’s what your kids would like to do). I used this as an opportunity to discuss symmetry and patterns.

Arty Crafty Kids - Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft

Attach the wings to the paper roll with sticky tape.

Arty Crafty Kids - Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft

Create two antennae using the pom-pom and pipe cleaner, and stick to the inside of the paper roll using a little sticky tape.

Arty Crafty Kids - Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft

Finish off with a smiley face and googly eyes!

I hope your preschoolers have had fun making their butterflies.

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Arty Crafty Kids - Easy Preschool Butterfly Craft


Footprint Ladybird Keepsake

Arty Crafty Kids - Arty Crafty Kids - Footprint Ladybird Keepsake

Crafting with a very young toddler can be time critical, which makes our 5 minute Footprint Ladybird Keepsake absolutely perfect for short attention spans. My 15 month old really enjoyed the sensation of paint on her foot and found her own footprint fascinating, which was super cute.

I love how our footprint ladybird turned out and will be popping it into a frame to display proudly on our wall. It could work as a  stand alone piece of keepsake art, an entry for the baby book or a gorgeous framed gift from the kids.

Footprint Ladybird Keepsake: Materials

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Red washable kid safe paint
A sponge
White Cardboard
Self Adhesive Googly Eyes
Sharpie Fine Marker Pen Black

Footprint Ladybird Keepsake

Using the sponge, apply a nice layer of red paint to your little ones foot.

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Footprint Ladybird Keepsake


Gently press your little ones foot onto the white card to create a nice even print and then repeat with the other side, creating an upside down V shape.

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Footprint Ladybird Keepsake


Once the prints are dry, using the Sharpie Fine Marker Pen , draw the outline of the ladybird’s body and colour in.

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Footprint Ladybird Keepsake

And then to finish off, draw black hearts or spots onto the footprint and add Self Adhesive Googly Eyes.

I hope you love your little Footprint Ladybird Keepsake as much as we love ours!

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Footprint Ladybird Keepsake

Paper Roll Penguin

What is about Penguins that make them so adorable? We love a good penguin craft and our easy peasy Paper Roll Penguins, with their heart shaped faces definitely have the ‘cute’ factor!

Paper Roll Penguin: Materials

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Paper Roll
Black, white and yellow paint
Self Adhesive Sticky Wiggle Googly Eyes
Yellow or white card (could be cut outs from an old cereal box)
Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker Black
Washable PVA Glue

Paper Roll Penguin

To get started, simply paint a thick white strip onto the paper roll – this will become the penguins face. Once dry, draw a heart shaped outline onto the white paint.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Penguin Roll

Using the heart outline as a guide, paint the rest of the paper roll black. Angel concentrated so hard on this part of the craft – a  great little exercise for developing hand control.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Penguin

Next, add the Self Adhesive Sticky Wiggle Googly Eyes  and paint a yellow beak onto the penguins face. He should be looking very cute by now!

Cut out two small pieces of yellow card (or white card and paint it yellow), snipping out two triangular bits to create toes.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Penguin Roll

Next, cut a slit into each side of the penguin in an upwards direction (towards the eyes).

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Penguin Roll

Place a finger either side of the penguin and gently push the roll inside itself until the ‘wings’ begin to pop out. Repeat with the second slit.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Penguin

To complete the Paper Roll Penguin, simply attach the feet using a little Washable PVA Glue. Here’s a little tip: create a fold about 5mm at the back of the foot  and attach it onto the paper roll.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Penguin Roll

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Paper Roll Penguins. Angel was so pleased with hers, she woke up really early the next day to make one for her teacher! what a lucky teacher 🙂


Paper Roll Cats

Paper toilet rolls are just awesome. We have used the humble loo roll in so many of our crafts and always find something new to make. Today we’ve created a family of paper roll cats! Angel and Cakes are cat mad in every possible way and simple adore this cute little family of cats.

Paper Roll Cats: Materials

Paper Toilet or Kitchen Rolls
Reeves ready made Acrylic Paints
Self Adhesive Googly Eyes
Plastic string (recycled Christmas décor)
Pipe Cleaners
Clear and Black Sticky Tape
PVA Glue

Paper Roll Cats

To get started, position your finger into a central position of the top of the roll and gently push down. Repeat on the the other side to form two tips  – these will become the ‘cats ears’.  Once happy, hand a paintbrush over to your crafty kid and paint the rolls.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

Next add some googly eyes and two little pink triangles to emphasise the cats ears.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

To give your cats Whiskers, cut some wiry string and secure using a small amount of sticky tape.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

Place a sequin, button or even a circular piece of paper directly onto the tape and then draw a mouth – we made ours super smiley to add some ‘cute’ factor!

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

To finish off, twist a pipe cleaner around your finger to make it curly and secure to back of the roll by piecing a little hole with the pipe cleaner.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

Your paper roll should now be transformed into a super adorable little cat! Try adding stickers or more paint to create tabby or tiger markings, a bib or little feet. Angel suggested we make a rainbow cat, which to me sounds like a great idea! Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

Paper Plate Lion

Our Paper Plate Lion is not only cute, but really easy and fun to make!

Using a range of scrap materials, preschoolers can explore and experiment with different textures to create a wacky and wild lion’s mane; adding a sensory element to the craft.

Inspired by the heart-warming book The Lion Who Wanted To Love (Orchard Picturebooks) by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz, our Paper Plate Lion is the perfect accompaniment to a story about kindness, love and simply being yourself, even if that means you’re a little different.

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Paper Plate Lion – Materials

20 White 7″ Paper Plates – Only one paper plate is needed, but they’re always handy to have!
Orange and Yellow Paint
White card (for the eyes), we used a Cereal Box
Orange and/or Yellow Tissue Paper
Orange and Yellow Scrap Paper, Yarn or anything else you available –  we even used a yellow plastic bag!
Kid’s PVA Glue, Safe And Washable
Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker (Single) Black

Paper Plate Lion

When it comes to crafting with paper plates I would always recommend applying paint the day before. They can take a while to dry and if you have an eager crafty kid on your hands,  they may not appreciate waiting.

We often split our crafts in two, enabling an ‘invitation to create’ to be prepared. It’s always well received and as you can see, I cut up a variety of scrap materials into strips ready for the little lovely to turn her yellow and orange painted plate into a Lion!

Craft Ideas for Kids - paper plate lion

Ask your crafty kid to begin sticking the scrap materials around the circumference of the plate. For ease, I suggested following the orange ring.

Angel had so much fun assembling the lion’s mane and had a good go at creating a pattern with her scrap materials.

Paper Plate Lion 3

Using an old cereal box, we cut out two white circles and used the marker pen to create pupils.

Craft Ideas For Kids - paper plate lion

To finish off, I used the marker pen to draw a nice big nose and smile face! Enjoy 🙂