Four Seasons Transformation Rock Game

Arty Crafty Kids | Seasonal | Four Seasons Transformation Rock Game | A fun seasonal play and learning activity for kids. Position the rocks onto the tree and turns the rocks to change the season

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Todays Four Seasons Transformation Rock Game takes an interactive and hands-on approach to engaging children in seasonal change observations and discussions. With a simple turn of a pebble, children can work through all four seasons, using the bright colours to identify and differentiate between Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter.

The activity all begins with a fun rock hunt, so head down to your local beach or pebble rich location and start collecting – you will need a minimum of 40 small, flat and smooth rocks!

Four Seasons Transformation Rock Game: supplies and tutorial 

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40 Smooth, small and flat pebbles
Acrylic Paint
Metallic Paint
Black Sharpie

Download the free printable: 4 Seasons Tree Template

Our handy printable is free to download for personal use only. It is not to be re-sold or redistributed without prior consent. 

Arty Crafty Kids | Seasonal | Four Seasons Transformation Rock Game | A fun seasonal play and learning activity for kids. Position the rocks onto the tree and turns the rocks to change the season

Step 1. Wash the Pebbles and leave to dry.

Step 2. Divide the pebbles into two even groups.

Step 3. Paint a white leaf on both sides of pebble within group 1 (Summer & Autumn) .

Step 4. Paint a white leaf on one side of the pebbles in group 2 and a white circle on the other side.

Step 5. Once the white base layers are dry, paint one side of all the pebbles in group 1 Green and the other side in various Autumn Shades (yellow, red, brown) to create Summer and Autumn leaves.

Step 6. Paint the leaves in group 2 a Metalic Silver Shades (Winter) and add pink dots to the white circles using a Q-tip of rubber end of a pencil to create the appearance of Spring Blossom.

Step 7. Once the paint has dried, add a black outline to all leaves with a black sharpie marker.

Time to Play! 

Ask the children to divide and sort the colours into their groups, and add the pebbles to the tree template using the pretty swirls on the branches as positioning guidance.

Once the tree is complete with one colour, start turning the pebbles to reveal the next season and while they’re playing, use the discussion points below to enourage the children to think about why seasonal change occurs.

Seasonal Discussion Points: 

  • Why do you think the leaves change colour? – visit Science Sparks for a simple explanation.
  • Seasonal Order – What comes after/before Autumn?
  • How many seasons are there?
  • What colours represent Spring/Winter/Autumn/Summer?
  • What happens to the leaves during Autumn?

My own children have had hours of fun with our Four Seasons Transformation Rock Game and I hope your children do too!

For more seasonal tree crafts and activities, take a look at our Bubble Wrap Autumn Tree and Four Season Handprint Collection.

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