3D Zebra Craft

Our latest 3D Paper Zebra Craft joins a growing series 3D paper animal crafts – combining the creativity of craft, the interest of perspective and the fun of movement, they’ve really been capturing the imaginations of younger and older kids alike!

And we’ve noticed that safari animals are a firm favourite, so joining our giraffe, elephant and lion 3D paper crafts is – Zach the Zebra! With his jazzy stripes and big friendly smile, your little ones are going to love creating, and playing, with him!

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What you need:

White Card Stock ( for printing)
Bright Colored Cardstock
3 Strips of Black Cardstock
Paint (or coloring crayons)
Glue Stick

Let’s Make a 3D Zebra!

Paint the 3D Paper Zebra Craft template.

Paint the Zebra

Use your favourite paints or crayons to paint the zebra. Will you make him look realistic with black and white, or make him colorful like a rainbow?

When the zebra is dry, carefully cut out all the elements from the template.

Cut out the shapes from the colored 3D Paper Zebra Craft template.

Secure the Zebra’s Body

Then, stick the neck to the backing card – make sure you stick it at the bottom so you have enough room for his head.

Assemble the facial elements of the zebra.

Assemble the Face

Create the zebras face by sticking on two eyes, two ears and a cute tuft of hair to the top of his head.

Create two paper card loops.

Create Paper Loops

Cut a strip lengthwise from a sheet of black A4 card, and cut it in half. Take the first strip, curl it around to make a ring and secure it with a spot of glue so it doesn’t come undone. Repeat with the second strip.

Stick the first loop onto the backing card just above the zebra’s neck, and the second loop a couple of inches up.

Secure the loops onto the backing cardstock.
Position the head onto the first loops.

Secure the Head

Carefully stick the zebra’s head onto the two card loops – make sure you don’t cover the back of the head with glue, otherwise he might end up stuck to the background!

Create a final loop, slightly larger than the first two.

Make a Large Paper Loop

Now we need to create a third loop, but this one needs to be bigger than the other two, so cut a wider strip of black card before curling it round and securing. Then gently flatten it a little between your hands.

Secure the loop to the head of the of the zebra.

Add the 2nd Lift

Stick the third loop vertically (standing up) onto the bottom of the zebra’s head.

Complete the 3D Zebra craft by securing the mouth piece to the final lift.

Complete the 3d Paper Zebra Craft

Finally, glue the nose onto the third paper loop and your smiley zebra friend is ready to spring into action and: bounce! wobble! wiggle!

3D Paper Zebra Craft for Kids


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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