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Fine Motor Pebble Stacking Christmas Tree

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I am really excited to be sharing our Fine Motor Pebble Stacking Christmas Tree activity with you today.

It strikes me as funny that this activity evolved from girls balancing pebbles at the dinner table rather than eating their meal!

Sometimes you just to have to go with the flow and actually, while they were playing there was some serious learning going on.

The aim of the game is the stack all the pebbles, fill the “branches” with sequin baubles and finish off by balancing a pom-pom on top.

It’s trickier than it looks!

Through play, they were developing reasoning and fine motor skills. Hand and eye-coordination, as well as problem solving skills.

All applied using a little creativity, with a pinch of patience and determination – as there was a lot of trial and error involved!

This is one those activities, we’ll be bagging up and taking it out and about with us. It’s a great to keep the kids entertained with something fun, but I have to warn you…

You will find yourself having a go or two yourself!

MATERIALS: Fine Motor Pebble Stacking Activity Christmas Tree 

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Acrylic Paint
Sequins or Buttons

DIRECTIONS: Fine Motor Pebble Stacking Activity Christmas Tree

Start with a trip to the local beach.

Have a play and search for flat smooth pebbles of various sizes and when you get home, either leave them as they are or paint the pebbles using some acrylic paint.

Lay the pebbles out, along with sequins and pom-pom.

At this point, I left my three old to play without any instruction.

She quickly worked out that she needed to start with the biggest pebble and work her way up.

Shape was also important and cakes adjusted the positioning of each stone to find the best fit.

The sequins add to the fine motor development and enhance the challenge!

The pom-pom is the trickiest element and I can assure you, the pebbles all came crashing down time and time again.

But that’s ok, because ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!’

It’s a game of perseverance and as you can see, Cakes had so much building her Christmas Tree.

It’s amazing that such a simple game can have so many developmental benefits and it can be varied in a number of ways. For example Emma at Adventures of Adam adds a colour sorting element with her rainbow pebbles – perfect for colour recognition!

I hope your kiddies enjoy our fine motor pebble stacking Christmas tree and if you a need a reason to visit the local peach or park, then here’s a good one!

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