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Fine Motor Circle Art

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Fine Motor Circle Art is all about the process and less about the end product.

My six year old is ambidextrous and bizarrely, this tends to put her at an advantage when it comes to gross motor activities.

However, when it comes to scissor skills, writing and all things fine motor…that’s when the fun begins!

She still can’t decide which hand to use and switches between the two for everything.

This activity is a simple one to help develop the fine motor skills necessary for cutting with scissors.

It also doubles up as a creative work of circle art that my toddler used to colour sort and arrange in size order.

It turns out that our Fine Motor Circle Art activity is a good all-rounder!

MATERIALS: Fine Motor Circle Art 

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Stock Paper/Card (US Link / UK Link )
PVA Glue

Let’s Get Started! 

Arty Crafty Kids - Play - Scissor Skills - Fine Motor Circle Art

Present a selection of stock card, felt and any other suitable materials you have to hand – maybe they could try cutting bubble wrap or cellophane? and get cutting!

Your arty kid may want to draw their circles first and try to follow the lines, or free-hand it as Miss O did.

Cut lots of circles using different materials.

TIP: The use of different textures and materials will make this activity more challenging, as your arty kid will have to adapt their cutting technique with each – Great for Fine Motor Development

Arty Crafty Kids - Play - Scissor Skills - Fine Motor Circle Art

Keep cutting until there’s a good pile of circles!

Arty Crafty Kids - Play - Scissor Skills - Fine Motor Circle Art

Next, begin sticking the circles onto a piece of stock card.

Arty Crafty Kids - Play - Scissor Skills - Fine Motor Circle Art

Layer the circles until the card is full with circles!

As you can see, my toddler approached this task from the angle of colour sorting, whereas her sister went for pretty using contrasting colours.

I love that both of my children got something out of this activity, each focusing on different fine motor elements; Miss O cutting and Cakes, Sticking!

And of course, both children were left with a gorgeous piece of circle art.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this activity!

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Arty Crafty Kids - Play - Scissor Skills - Fine Motor Circle Art

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