Fairy Wings Drawing Prompts for Kids

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Fantastic Fairy Wings Drawing Prompts

Fantastic Fairy Wings Drawing Prompts: This adorable bundle of drawing prompts encourages children to complete their fairy by designing a beautiful set of wings.

Children love the magical stories of Tinker-Bell and her friends, perhaps this fairy could become a new friend of Never Land with her very own set of fairy talents. With a little imagination, this simple drawing exercise can be expanded into a full blown creative project, whereby children add personality and powers to their character design.

Drawing prompts are fantastic way to introduce children into design and creative drawing. They provide just enough stimulus to inspire children’s imagination. Some children benefit from this subtle and structured approach who may otherwise find a blank piece of paper a little overwhelming.

Fantastic Fairy Wings Drawing Prompts

This pack of Fantastic Fairy Wings Drawing Prompts gives you more than just a standard coloring page, for it includes plenty of opportunities to practice fun doodles and designs with only a little bit of prompting.

There are absolutely no restrictions to what patterns or colors children may include in their creative design. Whether they decide to go for a simple pattern and bold colors or a more detailed pattern with soft colors, the options are totally endless! This fairy is super cute and ready to have her own unique and imaginative design!

Fantastic Fairy Wings Drawing Prompts: This cute printable pack includes Fairy Coloring Pages, Design Prompt and Practice Sheet!

How to draw with Arty Crafty Kids

At Arty Crafty Kids we like to give you lots of options to help children develop their drawing skills! Simple drawing prompts are the perfect way for giving creativity a little kick start.

The grid drawing approach is perfect for children who prefer a little structure in their learning and the symmetry option encourages children to look at the detail and proportions of their subjects.

Flow drawing relaxes the the traditional ‘How to Draw’ approach, promoting a free flow style to line and shape formation. We encourage children to engage with the process and work with the lines they naturally create with repetitive movements.

My Fantastic Fairy Wind Design Sheet

The main design sheet has plenty of negative space around the fairy for a fun background to be added once her wings are complete with color and patterns. The practice sheet offers room for children to trial out different designs before deciding their on favorite.

Drawing prompts are not only something fun for kids to do, but they are also a great learning tool. They assist in the development of critical thinking, encouraging children to come up with their own ideas and they’re a fantastic boredom buster, giving kids something fun to focus on!

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