How to Make a Slinky Dog Craft for kids

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Slinky Dog Craft

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Our playful Slinky Dog Craft (inspired by the Toy Story slinky dog), is so easy and fun to make. Our slinky dog template gives children the option to create their own doggy design in colors and patterns of their choosing.

Using very simple and easy to cut out shapes, the slinky dog craft encourages children to craft and create independently. This dog craft is especially good for preschoolers who beginning to hone their fine motor skills.

The design element of the craft gives children the opportunity to tap into their creativity. Will they give their dogs stripes, spots or rainbow markings? Perhaps children could design their own doggy best friend or use their dog as inspiration.

How to make a toy story inspired slinky dog craft. Using simple shapes, and lines, this slinky dog craft with its very own template is the perfect craft for preschoolers and children who love dogs!

How to Make a Slinky Dog Craft


  • Colored Card Stock
  • Marker Pens
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Download the Slinky Dog Template

Download the slinky dog craft template and gather supplies.

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Watch the Step by Step Slinky Dog Craft Video

Let’s Make a Slinky Dog

Cut out the dog elements and trace onto colored card stock.

Cut Out and Trace the Slinky Dog Elements

To begin the slinky dog craft, cut out the slinky dogs elements from the template and trace onto colored card stock.

Alternatively, children can color in the template in colors and patterns of their choosing. If they choose this option, make sure the template is printed onto white card stock.

Add markings to the dog shape to make the dog unique.

Add Some Cute Dog Markings

Optional Step: Draw some doggy markings (spots, stripes for hair) onto any of the doggy elements.

Begin assembling the slinky dog, starting with its head and front legs.

Let’s Begin Assembling the Slinky Dog Craft

Affix the ears and eyes onto the circle and position the assembled head onto the front legs.

Further detail can be added to the face with lines around the tongue and little dots for cheeks.

In this example, only the bottom of the tongue has been affixed to the dogs face, the rest has been gently curled around a pencil.

Add a tail to the dogs back legs.

Secure the Tail to the Dogs Bottom

Next, add the detail to back legs of the slinky dog. Just like the tongue, the tail has been curled for extra effect as we do love our dogs to have a waggy bottom.

Make an accordion paper fold

How to Make an Accordion Fold – Spring

Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut out two even strips of colored paper. Strips of card do give a better bounce but are a bit trickier for kids to fold, so if you give card a go, a bit of adult help might be needed!

To create the right sized strip, we recommend cutting the paper from the shortest side of an A4 piece of paper – or the longest side of a piece of card – and making the strips at least an inch or so wide. 

Take the two strips and position them in a 90° angle, like the corner of a picture frame (as shown above), and glue the connecting papers together.

Fold the bottom strip over the top and crease the fold along the edge. This will make the accordion fold nice and tight!

Accordion paper fold completed.

Continue this process, folding the bottom over the top and creasing, until all the paper has been folded up. 

Then seal the ends with glue so your accordion fold doesn’t come undone.

Secure before parts of the slinky dog to either end of the accordi

Attach the Spring Between the Front and Back Parts of the Slinky Dog

Glue one end of the accordion fold to the front of the slinky dog and other to its back.

The dogs body will retract and contract to create a wonderful movement that brings the slinky dog craft to life.

To make the slinky dog longer, simply create more springs and attach them to each other.

How to make a toy story inspired slinky dog craft. Using simple shapes, and lines, this slinky dog craft with its very own template is the perfect craft for preschoolers and children who love dogs!

The Slinky Dog Craft is Complete

The slinky dog craft is now complete! I hope your Arty Crafty Kids enjoy making and designing their dogs. As always, we love to see their finished creations, so if you happen to share, please do tag us on social media!

If your children would like another doggy themed craft to try, take a look at our Newspaper Playful Pup Project!

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