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Owl Suncatcher

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There’s a certain irony about making a suncatcher on a rainy day, but that’s exactly what we did!

Our impromptu owl suncatchers were a huge hit with the kids and coupled with a reading of ‘I’m not Cute (Baby Owl)’, it was suddenly owl fever in the house, with the kids combining different colours to make the cutest of cute baby owls.

Simple crafts are always a popular with the kids, who could see the results very quickly as their owls took form. My eldest especially enjoyed practising her cutting skills.

To create our owl suncatchers, we used a laminator – a gadget I love using to preserve the kids paintings, school reports and photos. Using it to make suncatcher is a definite bonus!

Owl Suncatcher: Materials 

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Tissue Paper – Multiple Colours ( US Link / UK Link)
Laminator ( US Link / UK Link)
Laminating Pouches ( US Link / UK Link)

Owl Suncatcher
Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Craft for Kids - Owl Suncatcher

1. Start by cutting out a large roundish shape and place it into the a central position into the laminating pouch. This will become the owls body.

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Craft for Kids - Owl Suncatcher

2. Using different colours of tissue paper, cut out the shapes for the wings, eyes and tummy and layer onto the body until the owl begins to take form.

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Craft for Kids - Owl Suncatcher

3. Fold the pouch over and laminate.

4. Trim the Owl to remove the excess pouch and display in the window!

We only made a few owls, but could you imagine how amazing they could look as a window display within a preschool or school?

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