Arty Crafty Kids - Candy Wrapper Butterflies

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Candy Wrapper Butterflies

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As part of the #junkplay challenge we’ve put together this simple craft using recycled candy wrappers!  I’m a huge fan of simple crafts and our Candy Wrapper Butterflies do not involve any sticking, painting or anything else remotely messy and can be made in just TWO  easy steps!

They’re the perfect craft for Spring and simple enough for young children to make independently.

Our Candy Wrapper Butterflies can be used and played with in many ways:

  • Preschool displays
  • Party decor
  • Hairband accessories
  • They could form part of a butterfly search and find game
  • Colour matching games

Feeling inspired? to make your own Candy Wrapper Butterflies, you will need plenty of small square candy wrappers, pipe-cleaners and a pair of scissors for a little trimming.

Arty Crafty Kids - Candy Wrapper Butterfles

STEP ONE: Take two candy wrappers and pinch them together from the middle.

Arty Crafty Kids -Candy Wrapper Butterflies

STEP TWO: Wrap a short piece of pipe cleaner around the candy wrappers and secure with a twist, leaving enough pipe cleaner for the ‘antennae’ and spread the ‘wings’ out.

Arty Crafty Kids - Candy Wrapper Butterflies

And you should now be left with a super cute Candy Wrapper Butterfly!

butterflies Arty Crafty Kids - Candy Wrapper Butterfly

With all the pinching, bending and twisting involved to make candy wrapper butterflies; this craft will present a good challenge for little ones working on their fine motor skills.

Angel and I made an entire batch of butterflies for her 4th birthday party, hiding them in trees and bushes as well as attaching them to chairs and tables. They glistened in the light, adding an array of the colour – the adults loved them as much as the kids!

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Arty Crafty Kids - Candy Wrapper Butterflies

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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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