Bobble Head Reindeer Craft

Bobble Head Reindeer Craft for Kids | A fun and interactive Christmas Craft that kids will love!

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Kids will have best time making this fun and interactive Bobble Head Reindeer Craft.

The reindeer’s head playfully moves in wobbles and bounces that will delight children both big and small, making it a great craft to try with the kids this Christmas or Winter.

Bobble Head Reindeer Craft for Kids | A fun and interactive Christmas Craft that kids will love!

The reindeer craft can be completed with a printable template that requires children to simple colour and cut out the reindeer shapes. This makes the craft super easy to try at home or within the classroom.

How to Make a Bobble Head Reindeer Craft

To get started, follow the simple step-by-step tutorial or watch the video included within this post!

This great is best suited for preschoolers (with help) and children in early years education/ kindergarten.

What you need to complete the Reindeer Craft:

White Cardstock
Coloured Strips of Card
White Paper
White Paint
Watercolour Paints/ Colouring Pencils or Pens/ Crayons
Glue Stick
Paintbrush or Pencil

Download the Reindeer Template

The Bobble Head Reindeer Template is available to members of the Arty Crafty Kids club. The template can be accessed via the link following link :

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Let’s Start the Bobble Head Reindeer Craft!

Printable Reindeer Template | A Reindeer Craft for Kids - Preschoolers/Kindergarten

Colour in the Reindeer Template

Step 1: Colour in the reindeer template using the medium of your Arty Crafty Kids choice. We tend to use watercolour paint from a palette as we love the vibrant colours. They’re also quick drying and can be spread easily.

Printable Reindeer Template | A Reindeer Craft for Kids - Preschoolers/Kindergarten

Cut Out the Reindeer Elements

Step 2: Cut out the reindeer elements.

Create Winter Art for the Reindeer

Create A Winter Backdrop

Step 3: Cut a sheet of white A4 paper in half. Do not cut in a straight line, cut in a wave – this is a great scissor practice for kids!

Glue the paper to the bottom of a sheet of blue cardstock.

Dip the end of a paintbrush or pencil (ideally one with a eraser on the tip) into some white paint and print snowflakes into the empty blue space.

Assemble the Reindeer Craft

Create Perspective

Step 4: Once the winter brackdrop has dried, align the legs as shown above – one set in front of the other, with the front set slightly lower and to the left (or right) of the back set of legs. This will give the reindeer some perspective.

Assemble the Reindeer Craft

1,2,3 Assemble the Reindeer’s Head

Step 5: Refer back to the reindeer template and assemble the pieces starting with the large oval labelled number one. Add two (mouth) and three (the nose) as shown above and complete with a set of eyes and antlers.

Assemble the Reindeer Craft

How to Make A Paper Bobble (Spring)

Step 6: Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut out two even strips of coloured paper (or card for a better bounce, however it’s trickier for kids to fold) – ideally, the strips will be fairly wide and for length, I recommend cutting the paper from the shortest side of an A4 piece of paper or longest side of a piece of card.

Take the two strips and position them in a 90° angle as shown above. Glue the connecting papers together.

Assemble the Reindeer Craft

Step 7: Fold the bottom strip over the top and crease the fold along the edge. This will make the accordion fold tight!

Assemble the Reindeer Craft

Step 8: Continue this process until all the is paper has been folded.

Seal the ends with glue.

Assemble the Reindeer Craft

Attach the Bobble to the Reindeer

Step 9: Glue one end of the bobble to the centre of the front body part.

Bobble Head Reindeer Craft for Kids | A fun and interactive Christmas Craft that kids will love!

Add the Reindeer’s Head

Step 10: Glue the assembled reindeer head to the other end.

Bobble Head Reindeer Craft for Kids | A fun and interactive Christmas Craft that kids will love!

The Bobble Head Reindeer is Complete!

The reindeer head will now playfully bounce and wobble with movement.

More Reindeer Crafts for Kids

We love fun, interactive and interesting paper crafts. Here are few of our favourite reindeer crafts that encourage children to play with shapes and dimensions within their creativity.

Bobble Nose Reindeer Craft

A Jingle Bells Rudolph Reindeer craft with a difference. It bounces and jingle jangles, encouraging playful movement and interaction!
The focus of this craft is playful creativity.
Arty Crafty Kids need to use their problem solving skills to assemble the circular shapes into a reindeer, considering measurement and space during the creative process.

3D Paper Reindeer Craft

With bouncy handprint antlers and a big bold red nose, Arty Crafty Kids will love seeing their  Christmasy creations literally  pop out from the page!

Easy Paper Plate Reindeer Craft

“Rudolph the red nose reindeer, had a very shiny nose” or a very fluffy nose, like our paper plate Rudolph Reindeer Craft.
I adore the simplicity of this festive craft and it’s one that children will be able to make and assemble themselves.

Happy Crafting!

Bobble Head Reindeer Craft for Kids | A fun and interactive Christmas Craft that kids will love!

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