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3D Paper Apple Craft

This super cute 3D Paper Apple Craft is simple to make and looks really effective! To create this fun craft, you will need some brightly colored card, glue, scissors, a pencil and our printable apple template.

We’re heading in to fall and harvest is on the way. Apples sometimes get overlooked but actually, they’re amazing! Lots of different colors and varieties, all yummy and healthy too! If you’re looking for something to get you ready for apple picking season then give our 3D Paper Apple Craft a go!

Learn how to make 3D Paper apples with our step-by-step Paper Apple Craft tutorial. The perfect craft for kids to kickstart the Autumn season.

Our 3D apple template is simple and easy to put together. We’ve chosen to trace the template onto colored card but you could always try experimenting with different coloring mediums directly on to the template if you don’t have card to hand. However you decide to create your 3D apples, they will look brilliant on display! Perhaps they could be hanging on a tree backdrop, or used as desk decorations!

3D Paper Apple Craft

The process of carefully cutting and sticking elements together is great for developing fine motor skills and takes concentration! This is the perfect craft for youg children as it is simple enough, with repetitive steps and only a few materials required.


  • Printable 3D Apple Paper Craft template
  • Colored card
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Download the 3D Paper Apple Craft:

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Watch the 3D Paper Apple Craft Tutorial:

Let’s Make a 3D Paper Apple!

Image showing scissors, pencil, glue stick, red and green card, and printable 3D Paper Apple Craft template.

Gather the Materials and Print the 3D Paper Apple Craft Template

Print out the template and gather the colored card stock. We have chosen to start the crafty process with a shiny red apple.

Image showing the apple elements cut out of the template, being traced on to card.

Cut out the Template Elements and Trace them

Cut apple elements and trace them onto the colored card. As a recommendation, each apple will require 6-8 traced apple elements. The apples can be created with less or more pieces – perhaps experiment to find the perfect number!

Image showing all the different template elements cut out of colored card.

Cut out all of the Elements

Carefully cut out all the elements – 2D apple shapes, a stalk and a leaf.

Image showing the apple shapes being folded in half.

Fold each Apple shape in Half

Fold each piece of apple in half.

Image showing half of an apple shape being glued to half of another apple shape.

Glue the Apple Shapes Together

Apply glue to half of one apple shape and then another one side of a folded shape on top.

Continue layering in this pattern.

Image showing the stalk and leaf being glued in to place at the top of the apple.

Glue on the Stalk and Leaf

Once all the apple pieces have been used up, glue the stalk and leaf to the top of the apple.

Image showing glue being applied to half of the apple shape.

Glue the last Apple Shapes Together

Apply glue to the last half of the apple and pull it round to meet the opposite half of the apple. Hold each side together for a few moments to make sure they stick.

Image showing the final apple craft, with the two halves being held together so they stick.

The 3D Paper Apple Craft is Complete!

Your 3D paper apple is finished! As these are super simple and fun to make you could experiment with different colors to create a whole display of beautiful, ripe apples.

We’d love to see the wonderful creations you make so please share them with us on social media.

Learn how to make 3D Paper apples with our step-by-step Paper Apple Craft tutorial. The perfect craft for kids to kickstart the Autumn season.

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