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Wallpaper Handprint

Arty Crafty Kids - Wallpaper Handprint Collage

Having kept rolls and rolls of wallpaper for that inevitable rainy day, we challenged ourselves to create something special for the girls new playroom and I think we did just that, with our very simple Wallpaper Handprint  keepsake craft.

I am a huge fan of handprint crafts and keepsakes and this particular craft has been a real head turner, catching the attention of EVERYONE!

An ideal craft for a special Birthday, Mother’s Day of Father’s Day gift.

To make your own Wallpaper Handprint keepsake, very few materials are needed:

Foam (or card)
Wallpaper of various patterns and colours. If you don’t have any at home, why not collect some samples from the local DIY store!
PVA Glue
Sticky Tape
A Picture Frame

To get started, simply cut the wallpaper into strips.

Arty Crafty Kids - Wallpaper Handprint

Next, draw around your crafty kids hand and cut the print out.

If you’re wondering why I’ve chosen foam as a base over card, I have a few reasons:

  • Foam comes in a range of gorgeous vibrant colours
  • It’s easier to cut and creates nice smooth lines
  • Doesn’t wrinkle when lots of glue is applied!
  • It’s also really cheap to buy!

Arty Crafty Kids - Wallpaper Handprint

Using lots of glue, apply the first wallpaper strip.

Arty Crafty Kids - Wallpaper Handprint

Add further strips of wallpaper, alternating the patterns and layer the paper to avoid gaps.

Arty Crafty Kids - Wallpaper Handprint

Once the handprint is completely covered with wallpaper, secure the ends with two strips of sticky tape.

Arty Crafty Kids - Wallpaper Handprint

Now for the really fun bit, turn over and check out the results!

Arty Crafty Kids - Wallpaper handprint

I hope you love our Wallpaper Handprints as much as we do!

If handprints are not for you or would like to try something a little different, why not not try cutting out shapes of animals, cars or flowers?



 This post is our final instalment of #junkplay challenge

and we’ve had a great time playing with various junk materials!

Arty Crafty Kids







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