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Autumn Leaf Painting

Autumn is the season of colour and leaves. This craft is an exploration of Autumn colours and my little lovely adored mixing the paints to match the shades of our leaves; experimenting with different ratios of paint to create a range of unusual colours.

We spent time outside collecting leaves, looking at the trees to observe the seasonal change – A lovely activity in itself!

This Autumn leaf painting is designed to be simple yet effective and most of all lots and lots of fun!

Materials used for the Autumn Leaf Painting:

  • Paper
  • Paints – Primary Colours
  • Sponge
  • A Collection of Leaves

Step 1

We mixed five different colours onto plates and cut up a bath sponge, dividing the pieces between the plates.

Arty Crafty Kids - Autumn Leaf Painting

Step 2

Place the first leaf onto the paper and using a sponge with a small amount of paint, begin dabbing around the leaf. Encourage your crafty kid to change and layer the colours as they work around the leaf.

Once complete, remove the leaf to reveal the silhouette.
Arty Crafty Kids - Autumn Leaf Painting

Step 3

To add another dimension, we applied paint to a smaller leaf to create a print within our silhouette.

Not only are we capturing the colours in this craft, but printing with our leaves to explore their intricate forms.

Arty Crafty Kids - Autumn Leaf PaintingStep 4

Build the picture up with more leaves, using different shapes and sizes.


Arty Crafty Kids - Autumn Leaf Painting

Step 5

To complete the Autumn leaf painting, fill in the gaps between the leaves by dabbing more paint with the sponge, continuing to use the full range of colours and layering.

All that’s left is for your crafty kids to admire their gorgeous Autumn leaf painting masterpiece!

Arty Crafty Kids - Autumn Leaf Painting


Autumn Leaf Painting
Arty Crafty Kids - Autumn Leaf Painting

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My name is Helen and I LOVE getting creative with my kids! Inspired by my kids, Arty Crafty Kids is our home for our artsy craftsy projects and creations and if your kids are anything like mine, then they’ll love getting stuck in with the paint, glue and glitter and at times, getting Super Messy!

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