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Glittery Sparkly Clay Handprint Ornament

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With many Handprint Ornaments within the Pinterest domain, the kids supply the prints and the adults do the rest.

Well this sparkly beauty is a little different.

This is a keepsake for kids to make, with just a little sprinkle of help, as demonstrated by my two year old.

It’s simple. It’s fun and will look great hanging on the christmas tree or simply displayed within the kiddies room.

Using pre-made air dry clay, this glitter bombshell of a Handprint Ornament is for keeps and you will not have to worry about it absorbing moisture and crumbling within a few years (I’ve learnt this lesson the hard way).

And if you have any reservations about the glitter, because let’s be real…glitter and kids can be a messy mix!


I will be giving you a couple of tips to help keep the glitter contained and to enable the kids to the embrace the glitter! as I know from experience, glitter is like marmite – you either love it or hate it!

Shall we make it?

MATERIALS: Glitter Clay Handprint Ornament

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Air Dry Clay
Glitter Shakers
PVA Glue
Rolling Pin

Using approximately 250g of air dry clay, knead to soften and then roll it out to about 1cm depth.

Next, place your child’s hand onto the Air Dry Clay and press gently to create a print.

Cut around the print to your shape of choice, add a small hanging hole and leave to dry in a warm place for at least 24 hours or until the clay is firm.

Simply fill the print with PVA glue.

For greater accuracy, I would advise using a q-tip, however if  your child does spill over the handprint, it can be fixed by simply wiping the excess away with a little tissue paper.

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Glitter Clay Handprint Ornament

Now for the really fun bit!

Place the handprint ornament onto a plate and using a glitter shaker pot, begin sprinkling the glitter until the glue is covered.

The combination of a plate and glitter shaker pots really helps to keep the glitter under control.

The shaker pot restricts the glitter flow, making it easier for children to use and apply with purpose.

Once the handprint is covered, simply shake the excess off and leave to dry.

If there are any gaps within the handprint, add more glue and glitter until the print is completely covered.

Any lingering glitter flakes can be removed with a dry cloth or tissue paper.

Prior to the glitter, the Air Dry Clay could be painted with acrylic paints.

This is entirely down to personal taste and I love the simplicity of our handpint ornament.  The contrast of glitter against the natural shade of white clay works really well!

For more clay Ornaments, check out these adorable baby footprints and funky snowflake ornaments with home-made clay!

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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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