Easy DIY Art Journal

I think most people are in agreement, that when it comes to gifts, whether it’s for Christmas or a Birthday, or ‘just because’ days, home-made gifts are the best!

This cute DIY Art Journal was made entirely by my six-year-old!

And she had the best time rummaging through the recycle bin and scrap paper draw looking for the perfect pattern to include in her collage.

Art Journals are a super way to encourage creativity and can be used as a simple scrap-book, note-book, for doodling and anything that inspires your little artist.

What sets this DIY Art Journal aside from shop bought, is of course the personal touch.

My daughter poured her heart and soul into this creation, while thinking about her best friend.  I hope that when she finally gets to pass her gift on, it is treasured and filled with many drawings and keepsakes.

MATERIALS: Easy DIY Art Journal

Cereal Box
Scrap Paper
Sugar Paper
Buttons, Sequins – No need to buy extra embellishments, use what you have a get creative!
Paints (optional)
PVA Glue
Ribbon, String or Yarn – Again, use whatever you can find at home!
Hole Puncher


Directions: Easy DIY Art Journal

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Easy Recycled Art Journal

Cut up the cereal box into two A5 sized rectangles or into the size of your choice. These will form the Art Journals covers.

Gather numerous sheets of paper, hole punch and tie with some string.

We used some spare coloured sugar paper.

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Easy Recycled Art Journal

Begin cutting up or tearing the scrap paper and glue directly onto the cereal box, covering both sides!

With one of the cereal boxes, my daughter decided to do a little sponge painting first and then covered parts of the paint  with paper.

alternately, paint could be added once the collage is complete.

Either way, this is a great way to introduce mixed media techniques and can add texture and depth to the finished piece.

In addition to the paint, if you have any embellishments, add those too!

They could range from sequins, to glitter, to bottle tops!

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Easy Recycled Art Journal

Continue cutting and sticking until both pieces of card are completely covered.

As an optional extra, spread a thin layer of PVA glue over the entire design. This will help to seal the covers and add sheen.

Once the both covers are dry and firm, use the hole punch to create the holes for binding the DIY Art Journal together. It might be helpful to mark where you would like the holes to be before committing!

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Easy Recycled Art Journal

To finish off, remove the string from the content paper, add the Art Journal covers either side and thread it all together using string or ribbon.

TIP: Do not tie all together too tightly, leave some slack so the DIY Art Journal can be easily opened and used. 

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Easy Recycled Art Journal

And that’s it!

You should have your very own DIY Art Journal.

There are many things that I love about this idea:

  • It’s personal
  • Made with love
  • Made using recycled materials
  • Encourages creativity
  • Brilliant for developing fine motor skills!

If you have you been inspired by our DIY Art Journal and try this out with your kids, I would love to hear how they get on!

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DIY Art Journal - Using recycled materials, kids can make their own Art Journals! This is a super Kid Gift idea for Christmas, Birthday's or 'just because' occassions and will inspire creativity!

Our DIY Art Journal forms part of a gorgeous series of Kid-Made gifts hosted by Teach-me -Mommmy.

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Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Easy DIY Art Jounral


Watercolour Autumn Tree

There’s a certain charm about using recycled printed word as part of a tree craft.

I often tell the kids that if trees had the power of speech, they would have some amazing tales to tell.

At the risk of sounding a little airy fairy…

I would like to think that we’ve captured this romantic notion of a ‘story telling tree’ through the transformation of an old book into falling Autumn Leaves.

What do you think?

A little abstract maybe?

I shall leave that little insight into my random (probably sleep deprived) thought processes with you and move onto our gorgeous Watercolour Autumn Tree!

MATERIALS: Watercolour Autumn Tree

This post contains affiliate links – see disclosure for more info

A piece of stock card or thick white paper
Kid friendly Watercolour Paints
Washable Standard Kids Paint
An old book or newspaper
PVA Glue

Let’s Make It! 

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Autumn Crafts for Kids - Watercolour Autumn Tree

Start by painting the trunk and branches of a tree onto the stock card.

I find card to be more durable when painting with kids, who often over load their brushes and use lots of water – well  my kids tend to do this!

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Autumn Crafts for Kids - Watercolour Autumn Tree

Transferring to the watercolours, roughly paint the printed paper using various colours to create Autumn shades.

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Autumn Crafts for Kids - Watercolour Autumn Tree

Once the paper has dried, cut out large leaf shapes.

This is a great exercise for kids working on their scissor skills!

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Autumn Crafts for Kids - Watercolour Autumn Tree

Using the PVA glue, stick the ‘leaves’ onto the branch of your tree in random directions.

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Autumn Crafts for Kids - Watercolour Autumn Tree

And you should now have your very own glorious watercolour Autumn tree!

If you’re a regular to Arty Crafty Kids, you will see that we have a small obsession developing with Autumn trees – For more inspiration check out our Handprint Autumn Tree and Splatter Tree!


Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Autumn Crafts for Kids - Watercolour Autumn Tree

Paper Plate Scarecrow

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Craft Ideas for Kids - Paper Plate Scarecrow

When it comes to craft materials, I am a self confessed hoarder of anything that ‘could’ be reused later on.

And that ‘later on’ could be days, weeks or even years!

The kids love rummaging through my multiple boxes and I think it’s good for creativity. The hubby on the other-hand is very much in the ‘junk camp’ and my hoarding does drive him a little crazy.

So I love it when we get to use some of our junk and this paper plate scarecrow seemed like the perfect craft for reusing scrap materials.

It has a rag doll charm and from a kids craft perspective, it’s provided a tactile session that has encouraged the kids to use their imaginations and carefully consider how the various materials could be reused.

The kids were all over it and within this really easy kid craft we’ve used buttons, scrap paper and fabric, tissue paper and more!

Materials: Paper Plate Scarecrow

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Paper Plate
Card – Cereal Box
Various Scrap Materials:
-pipe cleaner
-Tissue Paper
Black Sharpie
PVA Glue


Let’s Make It! 

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Craft Ideas for Kids - Paper Plate Scarecrow

Using a combination of tissue paper and yellow netting, we started by cutting them into thin ‘straw like’ strips and glued the pieces around the top rim of the paper plate.

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Craft Ideas for Kids - Paper Plate Scarecrow

Using pieces of fabric, paper and  a brown bag, we tore and cut pieces to then collage onto a oval shaped cardboard hat.

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Craft Ideas for Kids - Paper Plate Scarecrow

Once complete, the girls suggested that we add a flower! Using some circular pieces of felt from a previous project, the circles were simply layered and threaded onto a pipe cleaner.

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Craft Ideas for Kids - Paper Plate Scarecrow

Glue the hat on top of the ‘straw’ and fix the flower onto the hat using some glue, or a small piece of clear tape.

Your paper plate scarecrow should be coming together nicely!

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Craft Ideas for Kids - Paper Plate Scarecrow

Finish off by adding some facial features. We used scrap felt, buttons and scrap paper, along with a goofy scarecrow smile.

My kids loved making their scarecrows. With the tearing, sticking, cutting and threading elements, it’s proven itsef to be a great all-round work out for developing fine motor skills.

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Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Craft Ideas for Kids - Paper Plate Scarecrow

Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Arty Crafty Kids - Book-Club - Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Our Recycled Frog Craft for Kids inspired by the super duper fun book Oi Frog.

Have you read it yet?

My kids LOVE Oi Frog!

Its simple story line is just plain silly and fun, with an emphasis on rhyme and word play.

Perfect for preschoolers!

It’s an incredibly engaging book from start to finish and my girls enjoyed predicting the rhyming words as they met each animal – I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how great this is for language development!

If you’re on the look out for a new book for your preschooler, then I can guarantee this book will have them giggling throughout.

You can buy it from Amazon here: Oi Frog (US) / Oi Frog (UK) 

Now get your yogurt pots ready, let’s move onto the craft!

MATERIALS: Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Affiliate Links Included

Yogurt Pot
Acrylic Paint (US Link / UK Link)
Felt (US Link – A Handy Peel and Stock Version / UK Link)
X2 White Pom-Pom’s
X2 Black Buttons
PVA Glue


Let’s Make It!

Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Book-Club - Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Paint the yogurt pot.

Dampen the brush with a small amount of water and then apply the paint. Luckily, acrylic paint tends to dry quickly and depending on the consistency, you should only need one coat. If a second is needed, that’s ok too!


Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Book-Club - Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Once the paint has dried, glue the black buttons onto the pom-pom’s and glue them to the top of the painted yogurt pot.

Next, cut out a few circles from the sheets of felt and stick them onto the pot.


Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Book-Club - Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Using green felt, cut out four feet shapes and stick them onto the pot.

Finish off with a nice red felt tongue!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Recycled Frog Craft for Kids and make sure you come back for more, as we’ve been using our yogurt pots to make elephants, lions, spaceships and much more! 

So start collecting!

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Arty Crafty Kids - Craft - Book-Club - Recycled Frog Craft for Kids

Candy Wrapper Butterflies

Arty Crafty Kids - Candy Wrapper Butterflies

As part of the #junkplay challenge we’ve put together this simple craft using recycled candy wrappers!  I’m a huge fan of simple crafts and our Candy Wrapper Butterflies do not involve any sticking, painting or anything else remotely messy and can be made in just TWO  easy steps!

They’re the perfect craft for Spring and simple enough for young children to make independently.

Our Candy Wrapper Butterflies can be used and played with in many ways:

  • Preschool displays
  • Party decor
  • Hairband accessories
  • They could form part of a butterfly search and find game
  • Colour matching games

Feeling inspired? to make your own Candy Wrapper Butterflies, you will need plenty of small square candy wrappers, pipe-cleaners and a pair of scissors for a little trimming.

Arty Crafty Kids - Candy Wrapper Butterfles

STEP ONE: Take two candy wrappers and pinch them together from the middle.

Arty Crafty Kids -Candy Wrapper Butterflies

STEP TWO: Wrap a short piece of pipe cleaner around the candy wrappers and secure with a twist, leaving enough pipe cleaner for the ‘antennae’ and spread the ‘wings’ out.

Arty Crafty Kids - Candy Wrapper Butterflies

And you should now be left with a super cute Candy Wrapper Butterfly!

butterflies Arty Crafty Kids - Candy Wrapper Butterfly

With all the pinching, bending and twisting involved to make candy wrapper butterflies; this craft will present a good challenge for little ones working on their fine motor skills.

Angel and I made an entire batch of butterflies for her 4th birthday party, hiding them in trees and bushes as well as attaching them to chairs and tables. They glistened in the light, adding an array of the colour – the adults loved them as much as the kids!

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Arty Crafty Kids - Candy Wrapper Butterflies

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Arty Crafty Kids







Paper Roll Penguin

What is about Penguins that make them so adorable? We love a good penguin craft and our easy peasy Paper Roll Penguins, with their heart shaped faces definitely have the ‘cute’ factor!

Paper Roll Penguin: Materials

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Paper Roll
Black, white and yellow paint
Self Adhesive Sticky Wiggle Googly Eyes
Yellow or white card (could be cut outs from an old cereal box)
Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker Black
Washable PVA Glue

Paper Roll Penguin

To get started, simply paint a thick white strip onto the paper roll – this will become the penguins face. Once dry, draw a heart shaped outline onto the white paint.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Penguin Roll

Using the heart outline as a guide, paint the rest of the paper roll black. Angel concentrated so hard on this part of the craft – a  great little exercise for developing hand control.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Penguin

Next, add the Self Adhesive Sticky Wiggle Googly Eyes  and paint a yellow beak onto the penguins face. He should be looking very cute by now!

Cut out two small pieces of yellow card (or white card and paint it yellow), snipping out two triangular bits to create toes.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Penguin Roll

Next, cut a slit into each side of the penguin in an upwards direction (towards the eyes).

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Penguin Roll

Place a finger either side of the penguin and gently push the roll inside itself until the ‘wings’ begin to pop out. Repeat with the second slit.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Penguin

To complete the Paper Roll Penguin, simply attach the feet using a little Washable PVA Glue. Here’s a little tip: create a fold about 5mm at the back of the foot  and attach it onto the paper roll.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Penguin Roll

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Paper Roll Penguins. Angel was so pleased with hers, she woke up really early the next day to make one for her teacher! what a lucky teacher 🙂


Paper Roll Cats

Paper toilet rolls are just awesome. We have used the humble loo roll in so many of our crafts and always find something new to make. Today we’ve created a family of paper roll cats! Angel and Cakes are cat mad in every possible way and simple adore this cute little family of cats.

Paper Roll Cats: Materials

Paper Toilet or Kitchen Rolls
Reeves ready made Acrylic Paints
Self Adhesive Googly Eyes
Plastic string (recycled Christmas décor)
Pipe Cleaners
Clear and Black Sticky Tape
PVA Glue

Paper Roll Cats

To get started, position your finger into a central position of the top of the roll and gently push down. Repeat on the the other side to form two tips  – these will become the ‘cats ears’.  Once happy, hand a paintbrush over to your crafty kid and paint the rolls.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

Next add some googly eyes and two little pink triangles to emphasise the cats ears.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

To give your cats Whiskers, cut some wiry string and secure using a small amount of sticky tape.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

Place a sequin, button or even a circular piece of paper directly onto the tape and then draw a mouth – we made ours super smiley to add some ‘cute’ factor!

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

To finish off, twist a pipe cleaner around your finger to make it curly and secure to back of the roll by piecing a little hole with the pipe cleaner.

Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

Your paper roll should now be transformed into a super adorable little cat! Try adding stickers or more paint to create tabby or tiger markings, a bib or little feet. Angel suggested we make a rainbow cat, which to me sounds like a great idea! Arty Crafty Kids - Paper Roll Cats

Watercolour and Ink

We’ve applied Watercolour and Ink to recycled book pages many times to create gifts for loved ones and they always go down a storm! everyone loves them and we love creating them.

I affectionately regard our Watercolour and Ink flower paintings as an “unintentional craft”. One quiet afternoon, I took advantage of a rare opportunity to partake in my creative experiment. In the middle of my creative splurge, Angel  pops out of nowhere with “I LOVE flowers, can I have a go?” and a mummy daughter special is created!

Water Colour & Ink: Recycling Books – Materials

Pages of an old book
A picture frame
Watercolour paint
A fine tipped black pen

Water Colour & Ink: Using recycled books

Onto an old printed book page simply pencil in the basic outline (in this instance) of a flower. Then fill it in, ideally using water colour paint. If you do not have access to water colours, try using heavily watered down acrylic or even food colouring.

Watercolour and Ink - Artycraftykids

To avoid soggy paper, encourage your arty kid to apply thin layers of paint. Water based paint can be fascinating for its marbling effect – Angel enjoyed using the palette to mix the colours as well as blending them onto the page to create different shades.

Once the painting is dry, use a fine tipped black pen (I used a Uni Pen 1.0mm) to enhance the outline of the flower. Pop into a frame and you have a beautiful memento or personal handmade gift.

Angel is particularly proud of her work and loves the “mummy daughter flowers”.


watercolour and ink - artycraftykids