Yarn Wrapped Monsters

Super simple, but super effective, this interactive and tactile craft incorporates coloring, cutting, threading and sticking, so is ideal for pre-schoolers and school early years.

Children can use all of their imagination and creativity to create monsters of their own design – will they be silly or scary?

How to Make a Yarn Wrapped Monster Craft:


Scrap Cardboard (an old Amazon box is perfect)
White Paper or Cardstock for Printing
Paints, crayons or colored pencils
Different colored yarn or Ribbon
Gluestick or PVA Glue

Let’s Make Yarn Wrapped Monsters:

Download the yarn wrapped monster craft templates from the Arty Crafty Kids members area.

Decorate the Monster Elements

Color in the monster’s features; the horns, mouth and eyes. Remember that you don’t need to color in the monster’s head – we’re just using that as a template for the finished piece.

Once the monster features are colored, carefully out all of the elements from the template.

Trace the monster body onto a piece of scrap cardboard.

Trace the Monster Head onto Cardboard

Place your monster head onto a piece of thick brown cardboard and draw around it with a pencil. Then cut it out – be careful though, as this kind of cardboard is a little trickier to cut than usual thin cardstock.

Cut multiple slits into the body of the monster.

Cut in Wrapping Slits

Now make small slits, about an inch apart, all the way around the edge of the monster’s head.

Time for wrapping. Add the first strand of yarn to one of the multiple slits available and then wrap around to an opposite.

Begin Wrapping

Now it’s time to get wrapping! Starting at the top, secure the end of the yarn firmly, and begin to wrap the yarn around the head, working from slit to slit.

You can use one color of yarn, but we love the effect that you can create by using different colors – we are making monsters, after all!

And because we’re making bright and bold monsters, you don’t need to worry about your yarn being neat. If you made our yarn wrapped fox, you’ll remember that we asked you to wrap the yarn carefully, with all of the strands going in the same direction. With these monsters, we want you to be positively messy! Wrap up, down, left, right – it will all add to the monster effect!

Secure the loose end.

Secure the Loose End

When your monster is all wrapped up, secure the loose end carefully so it doesn’t come undone.

Add the features to complete the yarn wrapped monster.

Add Features to Complete the
Yarn Wrapped Monster Craft

Finally, stick on the monster features and give them a good press down so they’re nice and secure. And there you have it – colorful, funny, funky monsters that you can use for decoration or for play. Have fun!

Yarn Wrapped Monster Craft


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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