Yarn Wrapped Fox

If you’re looking for a simple and interactive craft to help ease pre-schoolers or school early years children back into the swing of things, then this lovely yarn wrapped fox craft is for you.

Incorporating drawing, cutting, painting, gluing and threading, it’s a wonderful refresher for those all important fine motor skills. The engaging and tactile craft can be used to support school learning topics, or perhaps as a mask for a forest animals inspired performance at home?

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Scrap Cardboard (an old Amazon is perfect)
White Paper or Cardstock for Printing
Yarn or Ribbon
Scrap Paper ( Patterned/Colored)
White Paint
Gluestick or PVA Glue

Cut out the Fox Elements and trace the shapes onto cardboard.

Cut out the Fox Elements & Trace

Carefully cut out all of the fox elements from the template, then draw around the head onto thick brown cardboard.

Remove the cheeks from the fox, trace.

Remove the Cheeks, Trace & Cut

Then, cut the cheeks from the paper template, and draw around those on thick brown cardboard too.

Finally, cut out the head and cheeks – take your time though, this kind of thick brown card is a little trickier to cut than paper or thin cardstock.

Paint the cheeks of the fox white.

Paint the Cheeks White

Paint the cheeks white so they look nice and fluffy – they may need two coats of paint to fully cover the card.

Position and Trace

Place the cheeks back in their original position on the head and draw around them lightly in pencil. This will help to create markers for the slits and yarn.

Cut one large slit into the bottom of the cardboard head (where the nose will be positioned).

Cut in One Large Slit

Now to make the slits. Start with a large one at the bottom of the head.

Add smaller slits to the head area.

Add Smaller Slits to the Head Area

Then snip smaller slits, about a centimeter apart, all around the head, stopping at the pencil line you drew for each cheek.

Start from the large slit and begin wrapping the cardboard with yarn.

Begin Wrapping the Yarn

Secure one end of the yarn in the larger slit at the bottom of the head and start wrapping.

Continue wrapping the yarn around the head.

Continue wrapping the yarn all around the head – we want our fox to have a full coat of fur! If you can, try and get all of the yarn in the same direction, it’ll make your finished fox even more impactful.

Secure the yarn at the back of the cardboard head.

Secure the Yarn

Once you’ve wrapped all the way around, secure the loose end of the yarn by tying a small knot and tucking it inside.

Secure the cheeks to the head.

Secure the Cheeks

Now glue the painted cheeks back into position on the head.

Add the foxes facial features to the yarn wrapped cardboard.

Add Facial Elements

Pop a cute black nose at the bottom of the fox’s head (and the bonus is that it covers the join to!), some big wide eyes and two proud pointy ears. Don’t forget to decorate them for that extra bit of foxy personality.

The Yarn Wrapped Fox Craft is Complete.

The Yarn Wrapped Fox Craft is Complete

Have fun playing with your furry, friendly, adventurous fox!


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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