Yarn Wrapped Bird

Yarn Wrapped Bird Craft: Here at Arty Crafty Kids, we love encouraging children to think about the environment, and a great way to do that is through crafts that use recycled materials. And this easy craft for kids does just that.

Kids can play with color and texture, as well as explore their creativity and versatility through only being able to use scraps!

The combination of considered cuts and yarn-threading is a great fine motor activity for pre-schoolers and school early years, and the craft makes a good alternative to threading beads.

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What you need:

Scrap Cardboard
Coloured Paper
PVA Glue

Let’s Make a Yarn Wrapped Bird!

Cut out the Bird Elements from the template.

Cut out the Bird Elements

Carefully cut out all of the bird elements from the template.

Trace the bird elements onto cardboard.

Trace the Bird Elements

Draw around the different bird elements onto thick brown cardboard. Then cut them out – the card will be a little trickier to cut than paper or thin card, so be slow and careful.

Cut in slits for threading the yarn.

Cut in Threading Slits

Cut little slits, about an inch apart, all along the bottom of the birds body.

Thread the first strand of yarn, starting at the tail.

Thread the Yarn

Secure the yarn at the start of the tail, using the first slit.

Wrap the yarn around the cardboard bird.

Wrap the Yarn Around the Cardboard Bird

Now it’s time to build the bird’s colorful feathers by wrapping the yarn around the bird, slotting it into the slits as you go to keep it in place.

Tie the loose strand.

Tie the Loose Strand

Once you’ve wrapped the whole bird and reached the other side, tie off the loose end so your yarn doesn’t unravel.

Add an eye and beak.

Add an Eye and Beak

Now stick on the bird’s eye and pointy beak.

Create a cardboard wing.

Create a Cardboard Wing

To make a colorful wing, draw around the template onto some colored paper or card and carefully cut it out.

Decorate the wing.

Decorate the Wing

Then decorate the wing so it looks as pretty as the bird’s body. You can use anything you can find – eco-friendly glitter, stickers, lace trim, ribbon, buttons… use your imagination!

Add sticks for legs.

Add Sticks for Legs

Finish off by bringing a touch of nature to your craft. Collect some little twigs and sticks from your garden, or when you’re out walking at the park, and stick them on to make two little spindly bird legs.

Children can practice their fine motor skills and use recycled materials to make this gorgeous Yarn Wrapped Bird Craft for Kids

The Yarn Wrapped Bird is Complete

Now you have a gorgeous brightly colored and textured bird to play with or display!


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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