Salted Painted Snowflakes

Raised Salt Painted Rainbow Snowflakes: Part art, part experiment, this easy Winter craft is a fun and engaging way to combine art and science.

Children get to play with paint, salt and glue and explore texture and color, whilst learning at the same time, making it the perfect activity for school or home.


Squeeze Bottle of PVA Glue
Liquid Watercolor Paint

Let’s Make the Salt Painted Snowflakes:

Print the snowflakes templates. Create gluey lines within the snowflake.

Create Gluey Lines within the Snowflake

Using your bottle of PVA glue, carefully squeeze thin lines of glue inside the snowflake template. Try to keep them inside the lines and as straight as possible.

Cover the lines of glue with salt.

Cover with Fine Salt

Then shake over lots of fine table salt: make sure to cover all of the lines of glue.

Remove the excess salt from the snowflake.

Remove the Excess and Fill the Gaps

Gently knock off the excess salt by tapping the sheet of card into a tub – don’t be tempted to touch it with your fingers, it’s easy to smudge the wet glue!

If you spot any gaps once the excess has fallen off, you can cover with another layer of salt to make sure all the lines of glue are covered.

Dab small amounts of liquid watercolor directly onto the salt.

Dab Small Amounts of Liquid Watercolor

Then start to dab little bits of watercolor paint onto the raised salty glue. You might want to use a fine brush to help you stay on the lines.

Do you see anything special starting to happen?

Watch the watercolor paint spread across the salt. Add more colors.

The Science Behind Raised Salt Painting

This activity might seem just like art, but there’s also a lot of science in it too!

Salt is a very special mineral – it is hygroscopic, which means that it can absorb water in its liquid form, as well as water vapor that is in the air. So as you dab the liquid watercolor paint onto the salt, a chemical action happens and the salt soaks up the water.

This means that you will actually be able to see the paint spread across the salt as it soaks it up. Watch it merge with other colors and create patterns and textures within the salt as you continue to add more watery paint.

Isn’t it amazing?

Continue painting the snowflake to transform it into a rainbow snowflake.

What colors and patterns will you choose? You could make snowflakes inspired by Frozen, with shades of blue, or go really colorful with a rainbow like ours!

Raised Salt Painted Rainbow Snowflakes: Part art, part experiment, this easy Winter craft is a fun and engaging way to combine art and science.

Continue Filling the Snowflake

Keep adding paint until the whole snowflake is filled with color, pattern and texture. Why not cut it out and hang it up to make a beautiful homemade decoration?

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Helen x

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