Paper Plate Ladybug

Entertain the little ones with this Spring-themed Paper Plate Lady bug Craft. Cute, easy to make and fits nicely within a bug or mini-best project for at home or school.

Our easy ladybug craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, and is simple enough for them to enjoy independently, or perhaps with a sibling.

Why not get them to make a few, and hang them from tree branches in your garden to make a bright and cheery display. You never know, you might even attract some of the real things!

What you need:

Paper Plate
White Cardstock
Glue Stick

Let’s Make a Paper Plate Ladybug!

Color in the Template

Start by painting your ladybug and, when it’s dry, carefully cut out the elements from the template.

Paint the Paper Plate

Your ladybug needs a body, so paint the paper plate black all over.

Cut the Heart Wings in Half

Cut the painted heart shape in half, so you have two perfect ladybug wings.

Secure the Tips and Fold the Wings

Once the paper plate is dry, turn it over and use your glue to stick the tips of the wings onto the plate. Make sure you stick the tips towards the bottom of the plate.

Then fold the fat ends of the wings over, so when you release them, they stand up a bit, like they’re flapping.

Add Antennae

Next, stick the ladybug’s antennae onto the plate, just below the wings.

Complete with a Pair of Eyes

Finish your ladybug by gluing her eyes onto the paper plate, overlapping the bottom of the antennae.

Now you’re ready to play, or display!


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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