Paper Plate Bee

Paper Plate Bee Craft: Looking for a simple paper plate craft to try with the kids? Have a go at our easy bee craft for kids and turn your unused items into art!

A perfect activity for toddlers and pre-schoolers, our paper plate bee craft is easy and fun. It can be done independently, or used to support learning around the topics of springtime and mini-beasts.

We also have a fab paper plate ladybug craft – why not give them both a go and create a ‘bugs life’ display!

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What you need:

Paper Plate
Paint (Yellow and Black)
Cotton Wool Ball
Clothes Peg
Glue Stick

How to Make a Paper Plate Bee:

Paint the Paper Plate

Start by painting a black semi circle at the top of the paper plate. This will be your bees head. For his body, paint the rest of the plate a nice bright yellow.

Cotton Wool Ball Printing

Now it’s time to give the bee his stripes. But instead of just painting them on, let’s do something a little different and give our bee a fuzzy look. And we can do that by using a simple cotton wool ball!

If you have one, use a clothes peg to hold the cotton wool ball. This will keep your fingers away from the plate so you don’t smudge your stripes. If you don’t have a clothes peg, don’t worry – just use your best pinchy fingers!

Stripe Printing

Dip the cotton wool ball into black paint and dab, dab, dab across the plate to create a stripe. If you paint your dabs in a slight curve, it will make your bees body look nice and rounded.

Dip the cotton wool ball back into the black paint and repeat, making a second stripe – and a third, if you can fit it in.

Add the Bee Elements

Whilst your plate dries, cut out the bee elements from the template.

Now it’s time to complete your bee! Start by sticking on the wings – use the edge of the black semi-circle as a guide on where to glue the tips.

Apply glue to just the tips of the wings and gently curl the ends of the wings back on themselves.

Next, stick on the antennae just below the wings.

Completing the Paper Plate Bee Craft

Finally, glue the eyes onto the black section of the plate beneath the antennae.

Now your busy bee is ready to buzzzzz off, and have some fun!


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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