Moving Eyes Bat Craft

Moving Eyes Bat Craft: We’ve had some brilliant feedback on our moving eye crafts from all of our Arty Crafty Kids out there – you’re all loving the combination of craft and interactive play.

So, joining our friendly witch in the Halloween moving eyes series, is a friendly bat, with added bite! This simple paper craft can be done independently, at school or at home, and delivers lots of fun once it’s completed too.

If you’re planning some Halloween activities for kids in advance of October half term, our moving eyes bat craft will make the perfect addition to your family-friendly spooky fun.


White Cardstock
Colored Cardstock
Paint, Coloring Pencils or Crayons
Glue Stick

Moving Eyes Bat Craft: Craft meets play with this fun and engaging Halloween Paper toy Craft. This simple paper craft can be done independently, at school or at home, and delivers lots of fun once it's completed too.

Decorate the Bat Template

Color in the bat template using your favorite paints, crayons or pens. Why not use black, grey or purple for a spooky Halloween look?

Cut out the elements of the moving eyes bat craft template.

Cut Out the Template Elements

Once you’ve finished decorating your bat, carefully cut out the elements from the template.

Moving Eyes Paper Bat Craft

Then cut one strip lengthwise from a sheet of colored A4 card – it needs to be the same thickness as the rectangle eyes on the template.

Finally, cut two more thin strips of card, each three or four inches long.

Secure the eyes of the bat to the long paper strip.

Secure the Eyes to a Paper Strip

Stick the rectangle eyes into the middle of the strip of colored card.

Secure the two smaller strips behind the eyes of the bat. These will act as supports for the larger strip.

Let’s Secure the Eyes

Turn your bat over. Now stick one of the thinner card strips vertically over the left eye – this will support your bat’s moving eyes. Stick the other strip in the same way over the right eye.

Carefully slide the large strip behind the eyes and under the two supporting strips.

Thread the Eyes

Now carefully slide the strip of eyes underneath the two thin support strips – be gentle!

The Moving Eyes Bat Craft is now Complete.

The Moving Eyes Bat is Complete

Now it’s time to play! Make your friends laugh with your spooky and kooky goggle-eyed bat, or hang them up for an extra dose of Halloween fun. And don’t forget to share your pictures and tag us on social media: we go batty for them!


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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