Itsy Bitsy Spider

Our paper itsy bitsy spider craft can be done in the home or classroom with pre-schoolers and school early years to support Autumn learning or as a fun Halloween activity. It’s also great to use as an interactive prop alongside the itsy bitsy spider rhyme.

Incorporating coloring, careful cutting, sticking and folding, this is a brilliant activity to reinforce fine motor skills, and as it brings movement and dimension to paper crafting, it’s also really engaging for kids of all ages. And most importantly, it’s fun to play with too!


How to Make the Paper Itsy Bitsy Spider Craft:


White Cardstock (for printing)
Black Cardstock
Paint or Coloring Pens
Paper Straw
Glue Stick

Let’s Make a Spider!

Decorate the printable spider web.

Decorate the Spider Web

First, paint or color in the spider web. Of course if you’re making super scary Halloween decorations you can use black, grey or purple, but since we’ve called this craft ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider, climbs up the rainbow web,’ we would love to see you be creative! Go for bold, bright colors: you could even create patterns and doodles over the top for that extra vibrant pop!

Cut out the spider web elements.

Cut Out the Spider Elements

Whilst your colorful web dries, carefully cut out all of the spider elements from the template.

Use the template as a guide to create spider legs.

Creating Spider Legs

Use the template as a guide to cut long even legs onto the black strip of card. This is great cutting practice – try and keep a straight, steady hand!

Now fold each spider leg using a concertina fold, and give them a twist, to create wild, wriggly legs.

Fold and Twist the Spider Legs

Now fold each spider leg using a concertina fold, and give them a twist, to create wild, wriggly legs.

Create a large black loop to create a body.

Create a Large Loop

Then take the second black strip and bend it around to make a big loop, and secure the end with a spot of glue so it doesn’t come undone.

Assemble the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Assembling the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Glue the legs onto the loop, and then stick on the eyes and mouth.

Tie a piece of string to the body of the spider.

Tie a Piece of String

Tie a piece of string or yarn around the middle of the spider and secure in a knot.

Fold the top of the web and create two threading slits.

Gently Fold the Web and Create Two Slits

Then gently bend the web and carefully cut two slits, using the tips of the web on the template as a guide, so that your spider has a place to dangle from.

Slide a paper straw into the slits.

Slide the Paper Straw into the Openings

Thread a paper straw through the two slits you made in the web.

Connect the spider to the straw and spin the straw. The spider will climb up and down the web.

Attach the Spider String to the Straw

Finally, wrap the end of your string or yarn around the paper straw and secure tightly in a knot.

Now spin the straw to wind the string, making the spider climb up the spider web.

Kids will delight at how Itsy Bitsy Spider climbs up the spider web; making this a fun and interactive craft that encourages play.

The Paper Itsy Bitsy Spider Craft is Complete

Ta-dah! Your itsy bitsy spider is ready to bounce, wobble and play on his colorful web. He’s so cute, surely no-one could be scared of him… could they?!


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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