Flow Drawing: How to Paint an Autumn Birch Tree Scene

Autumn Birch Tree Painting: If your Arty Crafty Kids regularly love creating their own little works of art with our flow drawing guides, then you’ll notice that our latest one is a little bit different.

Instead of focusing on using flowing shapes to create the images in the foreground, we’re harnessing that natural flow to build an expressive background for the piece that captures all the colors of Autumn.

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White Cardstock
Black Crayon or Oil Pastel
Flat Paintbrush
Acrylic Paint

 A fun Autumn paint along for kids, that can be completed with how to draw guides and a pre-drawn birch tree template.

Download the Step by Step Tutorial
and/or Pre-Drawn Birch Tree Template

It’s up to you how you’d like to approach your birch tree art. You can work on the pre-drawn template and do a color study, focusing on the different shades, textures and blends. Or, you can draw the trees too and build up the whole picture yourself.

Drawn the Autumn Birch Trees with a black crayon.

Draw the Birch Trees

If you’re following the tutorial from the beginning, start by drawing the birch trees.

Use your black wax crayon or oil pastel to flow tall trees all the way from the top to the bottom of the page. Birch trees have thin trunks with wispy branches – you can search for a picture online if you’ve never seen this kind of tree before.

You’ll want to draw a few trees to give that forest feel, but make sure you leave enough space to create the Autumn colors in between.

Add detail to the Birch Trees.

Add Detail to the Birch Trees

Birch trees also have distinctive black markings so, still using your black pastel, add lines and upside down triangle shapes randomly across the trunks.

Our Autumn birch tree painting will help children to explore color, texture and contrast, encourage them to observe the details to be found in nature and inspire their creativity. A fun Autumn paint along for kids, that can be completed with how to draw guides and a pre-drawn birch tree template.

Let’s Add Color!

Now the fun part! Build up the background with layers of paint in all the colors of Autumn. You could experiment with a dotted approach, but we love to use a firm paint brush to create little squares, which give depth and make us think of falling leaves. It’s such an easy technique, but creates a really striking effect because of the contrast with the white and black trees in the foreground.

This method is a great way to explore color and color mixing, as you layer the paint strokes to move from brown to green, red to orange and yellow to capture the feeling of the changing leaves.

Create the color gray to complete the Autumn Birch Trees.

Color Mix Gray

Now we’re going to add a final touch to the birch trees.

At the moment, they’re just black and white – two shades which aren’t on the color spectrum. So by mixing a little black into white, we can create gray. Use this to create shadow and depth and really make the contrast with the background pop.

The Autumn Birch Tree Painting is complete.

Completing the Autumn Birch Tree Painting

Your Autumn painting is complete. Why not hang it up by a window, and compare the changing colors outside to your work of art.


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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