Flow Drawing: How to Draw a Jellyfish

Flow Drawing for Kids: How to Draw a Jellyfish – For our latest flow drawing guide, we’re taking a trip into the deep! The ocean is so unique, it’s a great place to look for inspiration in art – there are endless colors, shapes and patterns to be found.

And what’s more weird and wonderful than the jellyfish?! It’s a brilliant subject because it’s so different from fish, which children will no doubt be used to drawing. Its unique shapes will be really fun for children to draw, and will also provide lots of opportunities for learning. Why do these creatures look so different? How do they move without fins? And what on earth do those tentacles do?!

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What you need:

White Card Stock
Oil Pastels or Wax Crayons
Watercolor Paints

Let’s Draw a Jellyfish:

Flow Drawing for Kids: How to Draw a Jellyfish

The Big Wobbly Head

Jellyfish are quite an unusual shape! They are mostly made up of a large bell-shaped body called a hood, so let’s start with that. To make sure you get the right proportions, start about half way down the page: swoop up, out and round, right to the top of the page. Then back down, out and in again to create a horseshoe shape.

Flow Drawing for Kids: How to Draw a Jellyfish - Create a horseshoe shape

Join the Horseshoe

Then draw a curved line to join the two ends of the horseshoe. Now you have the jellyfish body!

Flow Drawing for Kids: How to Draw a Jellyfish - add a frill

Add a Frilly Edge

The jellyfish also has another special feature, a frilly edge. So, starting at the bottom of the body on the left side, draw a squiggly line with some loop the loops all the way across and join it back up to the right side. It looks a little bit like she’s wearing a tutu!

Flow Drawing for Kids: How to Draw a Jellyfish - Add Squiggles

Let’s add Squiggles!

Jellyfish have their own kind of arms – they don’t look like ours though, more like stems on a flower. So draw a squiggly line down from the frilly edge to a point, and back up again. Repeat to give your jellyfish three or four arms.

Flow Drawing for Kids: How to Draw a Jellyfish - add more squiggles

And a Few More Squiggles

Now for the really funny bit – the tentacles! To make sure they stand out, use different colored oil pastels or wax crayons to draw lots of squiggly lines down from the frill – draw as many as you can fit in, and use as many colors as you can!

How to draw a Jellyfish - Draw two large oval eyes

Draw a Pair of Big Oval Eyes

Switch back to your black oil pastel or crayon to give the jellyfish some detail. Draw two big oval eyes and a large friendly smile!

How to Draw a Jellyfish - Decorate the Jellyfish


Now to add some pattern to your jellyfish! You could draw whirlpool-inspired swirls like us, spots, zigzags – you could even try some shell shapes for that underwater look! And don’t forget to use your white pastel or crayon to create some hidden magic designs in the background, that will be revealed when you start painting!

How to Draw a Jellyfish - Paint the Jellyfish

Let’s Paint

It’s time to paint! You could paint your jellyfish just one color, but we think it’s fun to play with the paint and experiment! Why not be inspired by all the bright and beautiful colors of the coral reef?

When you’re painting the frill, try using some darker shades around the edges to add depth – it will really make your jellyfish pop!

Then paint the jellyfish arms. Finally, wash some bright blue all over the background to reveal your hidden designs and create a gorgeous clear ocean.

Now your jellyfish work of art is complete! Don’t forget to share and tag us on social media, we love to see all your wonderful creations!

Flow Drawing for Kids: How to Draw a Jellyfish - a simple drawing guide for kids the encourages children to use repetitive lines to form shapes.


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