Easter Egg Animals

Easter is a perfect opportunity to get creative with children. Flowers are bursting into bloom, the sun is shining again and everything looks colourful and bright! Here at Arty Crafty Kids, we’ve taken inspiration from cute springtime animals to create an easy Easter craft that your little ones will love.

What you need:

White, Yellow and Black Cardstock Orange Paper Scrap Paper Cotton Wool Balls Coloring Pens, Crayons or Paint Yarn or String Scissors Gluestick

How to Make an Easter Egg Lamb

Color in the Lamb Template

Step 1: Start by coloring in the different lamb elements.

Cut out the Lamb Shapes and Trace

Step 2: Then carefully cut out each shape. Trace the body and ears onto the black card and cut those out too. Now you have all of your lamb elements ready to assemble.

Step 3: Stick the lamb’s ears onto the body, then add on the hair.

Add Cotton Wool Balls

Step 4: Now stick your cotton wool balls onto the lambs head – make sure you stick them close together so that the lamb has a really soft, fluffy head of hair!

Step 5: Finally, stick on the eyes and nose and you have a finished Easter lamb – baa!

How to Make an Easter Egg Chick

Cut Out the Chick Elements

Step 1: First, carefully cut out all of the chick elements.

Attach Handprint Wings and Feet

Step 2: Next, stick on the chicks handprint wings and feet – remember to attach them to the back of the body so the joins aren’t on the front.

Step 3: Finally, stick on the eyes and beak and your newly hatched Easter chick is complete!

How to Make an Easter Egg Bunny

Color in the Template

Step 1: Start by colouring in the bunny template.

Cut Out the Bunny Elements & Create Whiskers

Step 2: Cut out all of the bunny elements and make some whiskers by cutting a few strips a paper.

Add Cotton Wool Balls

Step 3: Stick the bunny ears onto the face and add cotton wool balls – make sure the face is well covered if you want the fluffiest bunny.

Assemble the Bunny Nose

Step 4: Create the nose by sticking the whiskers to the back of the coloured bunny nose cut-out.

Completing the Easter Egg Bunny

Step 5: Stick the assembled nose and eyes onto the fluffy face to finish your super cute Easter bunny! You can even use some pink string or wool to give the bunny a friendly smile.


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Happy Crafting!

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