Easter Bunny Treat Craft

If you’re looking for an easy and engaging Easter themed craft for the kids, that delivers fun with an added treat, this is the perfect activity for you.


Construction Paper
Paper Roll
Marker Pen
Glue Stick

Let’s Start the Easter Bunny Treat Craft:

Wrap the roll in construction paper.

Wrap the Paper Roll

Lay the paper roll onto the edge of your sheet of colored card. Make a little mark with pencil – or if you’re confident, make a cut with scissors – and cut the sheet, so you have just the right length of card to wrap your roll.

(This is a great way to reduce waste, and it means you can make more than one craft out of a single sheet of card!)

Secure the ends of the construction paper.

Then wrap the card around the paper roll and secure with a gluestick.

Create a paper bottom for the paper roll.

Create a Bottom for the Paper Roll

Stand the paper roll on its end on the off-cut of colored card and draw around it lightly in pencil.

Carefully cut the circle out, and stick it onto the bottom of the paper roll.

Assemble the bunny. Either draw the shapes or cut out the elements from the Easter Bunny template.

Assemble the Bunny

Now it’s time to make the Easter bunny! Younger children can use the template from our members area, but if older children are joining in and feel more confident with drawing, they can follow our handy video and learn to draw the shapes along with us.

Once you’ve drawn the bunny, carefully cut her out and fold the arms over gently, so she can hold onto her basket of goodies!

Next, it’s time to add some details. You can use your imagination and decorate your bunny however you like!

We’ve gone for a super sweet and simple look, with rosy cheeks and a pom pom nose. Why not add a 3D element by giving your bunny some perky string whiskers?

And don’t forget to draw on eyes, a little smile, and maybe even some bunny claws onto her paws, too.

Affix the bunny to the paper roll.

Secure the Easter Bunny

Now stick the bunny firmly onto the side of the paper roll, so she can carry her treats.

Affix the paper strips to create the appearance of backpack straps.

Add Paper Straps

Next, cut two thin strips of colored card to make straps for the treat bag. Create a loop, stick both ends to one side of the paper roll, and slip the bunny’s arm through the strap. Repeat on the other side.

Add a pair of pom-pom's to the bunny's feet.

Create Fluffy Feet

Finally, cut out two small circles of white card and stick them to the bottom of the paper roll. And stick a little white pom pom onto each to make a pair of fluffy feet.

Easter Bunny Treat Craft: A cute and fun Easter craft for kids to make! Transform a paper roll into a cute back pack that delivers Easter treats. Can be made with or without our Easter Bunny template.



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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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