Bee Mother's Day Card

Bumble Bee Mother’s Day Card for Kids to make: At Arty Crafty Kids, we love Mother’s Day! We know how hard Mum’s work, so they definitely deserve a special treat! And the perfect accompaniment to a lie in and breakfast in bed is a thoughtful, homemade card from their little monsters – I mean angels!

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What you Need:

Yellow, white and black cardstock Gluestick Scissors A photo of your child’s face

Let’s Make a Mother’s Day Card:

Cut Out the Template Elements

Start by carefully cutting out each of the bee template elements.

Fold a Sheet of Yellow Cardstock in Half

Take your sheet of yellow card and fold it in half – you can use a ruler to help if you’re a stickler for clean folds!

Align the Oval with the Fold and Trace

Line up the bee’s body to the top of the fold and trace around the shape lightly in pencil. Then cut around the template, remembering to cut from the fold, leaving 2cms or so of the folded card intact.

Now you’ll have a perfect bee body that opens and closes like a card.

Add Bumble Bee Stripes

A bee isn’t complete without his stripes so, next, stick on the black card stripes – we think three is perfect for his size.

Remove the Excess

Trim around the bee to remove the excess stripes.

Personalise the Bumble Bee Mother’s Day Card

Next, it’s time to make your bee cheeky, happy, cute or goofy by personalising him with a very special face! Stick your photo pride of place onto the bee head cutout.

Add Remaining Bee Elements

Assemble your bee by carefully sticking on the head, antennae and little sting.

Trace and Cut a Pair of Handprints

For an extra detail that Mum’s will love, trace around your hands on the white card and cut them out as carefully as you can.

Handprints Become Wings…

Your handprints make perfect personalised wings! Stick them onto the back of your bee – now he’s ready to buzz off with some special Mother’s Day wishes.

Hap-Bee Mother’s Day!


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Happy Crafting!

Helen x

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